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Act! generates big returns for finance firm

This equipment finance broker is reaping real dividends by using Act! to become as efficient as possible, enabling it to post impressive sales figures despite downsizing its core team.

Charter Capital Carey Wilbur

"Even though Charter Capital's team is just 20 percent the size it once was, the company’s still achieving 75% of its previous sales volumes. That is in large part due to Act!."

Carey Wilbur
Founder & Partner



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Charter Capital has about 35,000 contacts in its Act! database, which includes customers from many different sectors, all of whom have their own particular financing needs.
  • Despite coming under pressure from digital marketing companies to change systems, Carey has remained a loyal user of Act! because he knows how well it works.
  • Act! is an ideal tool for helping build and develop the long-term relationships that Carey wants to achieve with his clients.
  • Thanks to Act! the company is still achieving 75% of its previous sales volume with just 20 percent of the staff it had before the 2008 financial crisis.
  • Act!’s ability to score prospects enables Carey to focus his attention on those potential customers who are most likely to turn into sales.

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