2022 Act! CRM Survey Report

The role of CRM in today's small and medium-sized businesses

During the pandemic, resilience and adaptability became a necessity for small- and medium-sized (SMBs) throughout the United States. SMBs that could persevere did so by remaining agile and aware of the market’s rapidly shifting demands and consumers’ needs.

In May 2022, Act! conducted a survey of 1,146 US-based SMB owners and decision-makers—ranging from sole proprietors to companies with up to 99 employees—to gain a better understanding of operational trends. Download this free report to learn about the key challenges SMBs face today and the software trends that are helping companies to improve their operations.

2022 Act! CRM Survey Report- the role of CRM in todays small and medium sized businesses

“Respondents noted improvements from utilizing CRM technology across the board for their business, with the top five improvements being sales productivity (42%), customer service (35%), business productivity (33%), marketing outreach (32%) and customer satisfaction (30%). There was also a significant improvement in customer retention (28%) among respondents—which was noted as a top challenge for these businesses. More than a quarter (27%) reported that their CRM system helped increase revenue.”


– 2022 Act! CRM Survey Report