Important notice for Act!
customers – COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have moved our staff, including all support agents, to work from home. We are currently delivering a normal service, though service availability may vary from time to time if we experience staffing issues through unforeseen circumstances. In addition, the worldwide increase in home working means mobile network carriers globally are reaching capacity at times. This is occasionally leading to intermittent failed or undelivered calls. We apologize for any inconvenience – please know that we are working hard to deliver as high quality a service as possible during this situation.

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Supporting the Act! community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we have an acute awareness of our responsibilities to the communities we serve. Our priorities in addressing this global threat include keeping our employees safe, ensuring the continuity of our services, and doing our part in ending this global threat.

Consistent with public health guidelines, we are practicing social distancing in the operation of our business. Our UK and US teams are working from home in line with government agency recommendations. Our other global teams are following the advice in their locale. We’ve prepared for this move and have not experienced significant disruption in our services.

Be assured that we are dedicated to your success along with the safety of our employees and the broader Act! community. We are confident that collectively we can weather this storm and continue to achieve our goals.

We are treating this as a fluid situation and will update you if our response changes. I wish everyone well. Please stay safe.

Steve Oriola

Keeping connected when working remotely with Act!

Many of our customers have been contacting us to discuss how we can help their business stay in touch while working from home. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Act! when you or your team need to work remotely.

As an active subscriber using Act! on your desktop or laptop, there is a feature available that enables you to sync with a remote Act! database – which could be shared with all Act! users – either over the internet or a network (including VPN). For more information on this, or to learn about our Cloud-based solutions, call 866-873-2006.

Another option for active subscribers is to use Act! Companion, enabling you to stay connected to key Act! details from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Act! Companion mobile CRM app is free to active subscribers. It’s available from both Apple Store and Google Play.

If you don’t currently have an active subscription of Act!, there are still options to get it set up to enable you to either work from home or access your Act! data on our hosted/cloud environment.  To discuss how we can help, please call us at 866-873-2006, select option 2.

All our teams have been working remotely since mid-March and endeavour to deliver the best possible service. We hope to be in touch with you sometime soon and meantime wish you, your family, and colleagues, well.