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What Can Custom Tables Do for You?

Today data is growing at a rate unseen before in the history of man. With the growth of this data, more possibilities are opened to the average business. Thanks to the new data depth, companies can offer more services and products while understanding the customer’s needs in greater detail. But a CRM solution must be able to handle this data quickly and efficiently to best serve their customers. This is why we have added Custom Tables to Act! Premium Plus.

Present Complex Data Sets

Custom Tables in Act! Premium Plus allows access to complex data sets within our CRM solution. Our Custom Tables Manager will enable customers to include these data sets in a convenient and flexible framework.

Users can view roll-up metrics for any number of complex data sets, simplifying what would otherwise be a complicated process. Custom Tables make the access easy, no matter what the data contains. The complete details of an insurance policy or a project are right at the user’s fingertips without having to dig through other screens.

The complex data sets can be used to track higher value measures. For example, it would be easy to include a custom table to show the number of presentations made to prospects. This capability becomes even more powerful as the service offerings become more customized.

Simplify Training and Speed Up Service

Since more information is on the screen for the CRM user, Custom Tables can help with training. The users will find that the information needed is only a mouse movement away instead of learning how to manage multiple screens.

And since it is on screen, neither the customer nor the CRM user will have to wait for screen loads or data searches. Custom Tables bring a new paradigm to the information available to the average CRM system, and it does so with incredible speed by logically encapsulating the data.

A manager can use custom tables and views to make sure that staff is gathering and/or supplying the correct information. For example, a custom table can be shown to enforce interaction with phone numbers, email addresses, or applicable discounts.

Describe Unique and Specialized Business Processes and Relationships

Custom Tables can be used to describe business processes unique to a client’s needs. These processes may have their own requirements or field sets that can be quickly accessed by users for verification or modification.

Specialized industry can be accommodated with our Custom Tables. Derivative or dependent processes can be logically grouped and followed through the use of tables. This allows users to quickly get to the heart of an exception or problem despite the complex nature of the process.

A great example of a unique business relationship that can be enhanced with Custom Tables is Relationship Depth. Many B2B sales require more than a single point of contact to close the deal.

You would expect senior management to be involved in a significant B2B sale. But you may find that someone from legal needs to be included on the deal. Many financial institutions may also require support from risk management and compliance.

All of these actors in the sales process need to be managed to complete the deal. Without understanding the relationships involved, it would be easy for a critical component overlooked. Custom Tables allow these complex sales relationships to be easily understood and tracked.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Custom Tables are flexible by their nature, allowing them to adapt to any number of data solutions. We can support insurance policies, products, mortgage data, contact information, project data, or all of the above, for a single contact or an entire group.

Association Is the Key

Complex data sets can be encapsulated by Custom Tables, but the real advantage takes place when this information is associated with the proper groups. Act! allows this data to be associated with any number of relations, including contacts, companies, groups, or even opportunities.

Through association, the rich and robust data contained within Custom Tables becomes a relatable and actionable connection that is easy to follow and maintain.

Act on the Data

By using the Custom Table Manager and relating the information within Act! Premium Plus, CRM users have the capacity to interact with the complex data just as a simple data set would typically provide. They are free to create activities and to-dos as well as send follow-up emails.

With easy access to the complex related data, users can engage in informed sales conversations and lead generation. They can also handle projects that track numerous points of data with ease.

The benefits of CRM are greatly amplified when the power of Custom Tables are added to the feature list. By empowering the users to handle more complex datasets with ease, the company itself can expand its service and product offerings. The expanded offerings can provide a substantial advantage over competitors.

Templates To Get Up and Running With Custom Tables Fast

Act!’s custom industry templates are easy to use and include:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Wealth Management
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Event Planning
  • Consulting
  • Project Managment
  • Product Inventories

Chances are you’ll find a template to fit your needs. But if you don’t, you can put the power of Custom Tables to work for you and create your own. If you have a special need, an Act! Consultant can help you get the most out of the system with Custom Table support.

Contact us today to see how Act! Premium Plus with Custom Tables can revolutionize your business.