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Top 3 Benefits of Integrating Act! + QuickBooks®

If you’re a regular user of Act! and QuickBooks, you already know the value both solutions bring to your business. But did you know that you can bring Act! and QuickBooks together right from within Act! to help you save time, make informed decisions, and simplify your workday?

With Qsales—a preferred Act! solution that integrates QuickBooks with Act!—you can have it all!

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Top three benefits of integrating Act! + QuickBooks with Qsales

1. Save time by avoiding duplication of labor

No more toggling between programs as almost all transactions can be managed from within Act!. Not only does this help reduce duplication of data, but your changes are instantly reflected in QuickBooks. Here are a few additional time-saving features:

  • Create a customer in QuickBooks from a contact in Act!
  • Edit customers inside of Act!, and push those changes to QuickBooks
  • Find and edit all transactions for a customer inside of Act!
  • Duplicate past transactions inside of Act!
  • Convert won-opportunities in Act! to transactions in QuickBooks

2. Build a complete picture of your customer relationships

With Qsales, you can instantly see the lifetime value of a customer, including a year-by-year view that provides visibility into products purchased over time, purchasing patterns, total sales, and more—all from one place in Act!. Plus, you can create groups in Act! by products purchased, total sales, date of purchase, and overdue balance. And the “Past Due” toolbar alerts you to credit risks to help you quickly identify at-risk accounts.

Screenshot of Qsales in Act! PremiumTake a tour

And you can rest assured because these customer insights are available to users when they are away from the office with read-only access to the data.

3. Find information faster & easier

Quickly find any transaction in Act!, along with the contact they’re linked to, and then click to open in Quickbooks. Easily filter global transactions to see sales by date, rep, transaction type & value, class, and more. Plus, you can quickly and easily search for contacts by product purchased or for customers by transaction dates or those with overdue balances. If you’re looking to run reports, Qsales has you covered! Here are some of the reports available:

  • Top customers by date range
  • Top customers with a past-due balance
  • Top customers with a high balance
  • Top-grossing products
  • Top sold products
  • AR reports
  • Sales reports by rep

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Integrating Act! and QuickBooks provides your entire team with the visibility they need to be productive and informed. Having access to customer data at their fingertips helps them understand the value of the account, including their account status, product preferences, payment patterns, and even the volume of business from year to year. Visit to find out why Qsales makes Act! the perfect CRM for QuickBooks users! Start your 15-day free trial today.