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How to build a standardized sales process

Having a standardized sales process is of paramount importance for every business, but it can sometimes be hard to do. This article describes the steps that can be followed to make a standardized sales process and the different tips that can come in handy for companies looking to maintain an efficient sales cycle and to close more deals.

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5 tips on how to re-engage your customers for better retention

The article begins by explaining what customer retention is and how it's very important to retain customers for long-term success. It then mentions 5 of the most efficient customer retention tips and shows exactly how CRMs can make life easy for any business trying to better its retention rates.

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How to efficiently manage your sales pipeline

The article explains what a sales pipeline is and why it is important for businesses of all size. It also explains how an efficient sales pipeline can be set up and how it can be used to predict the prospected business and improve the process of converting prospects into customers.

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3 sales funnel templates to help you convert like crazy

This article will show you three real-life sales funnel examples and the types of content and resources each company uses to guide them through the funnel. You can use these examples as templates when building your own strategy.

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The Best CRM for Real Estate

Looking for the best CRM for real estate companies? We break down the essential features, pros and cons of great CRM software designed for real estate businesses and independent realtors.

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A 7 Step Sales Process

How do you find new leads? When do you submit your proposal? Which information do you need to record in your sales software? Our industry expert shares her tips and advice to get yourself into the habit of following the same steps every time you engage with a new prospect and successfully close deals.

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