Six Easy Ways to Build a Small Business Marketing Plan in 2021

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Small Business Success | 0 comments

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Let’s be honest — few entrepreneurs and business owners start a company simply because they love marketing. While some excel at marketing strategy and execution, for others just the thought of a marketing plan can be extremely overwhelming. Where do you start? Who is your market? What are your short- and long-term goals? What can you afford? 

In this blog series, we offer six quick and easy ways to help you boost customer communication on a limited budget.

Manage your contacts in one place

Like many people, there’s a good chance your contacts exist in multiple places, such as a Gmail or Outlook account, an email marketing app like MailChimp, or maybe even your phone. If so, now may be the time to clean up your contact lists and merge them into one place for easy access and segmentation.

There are many ways to sync all of your contacts so you can build and manage marketing lists more efficiently. Many popular apps now make it easy to sync contacts between them. For instance, Gmail can sync with many customer relationship management (CRM) tools. Outlook and Salesforce also offer an easy integration option. The good news is, thanks to these tools, you no longer have to spend countless hours copying and pasting contacts between apps. 

Note: Before syncing your contacts with a third-party app, be sure to check their privacy policy as some of these apps may sell your contact information (which is definitely not a good way to build customer trust). 

Stay tuned for topic #2 in our Customer Communication series: “How to create and manage a newsletter.” 

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