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In a recent poll conducted by Moody’s Analytics, the question was asked, ‘What is your biggest challenge in initiating the loan process?’, to which 66% of bankers surveyed answered the manual collection of financial documents and information and subsequent back and forth with the loan applicant.

In the same survey, Moody’s Analytics asked, ‘What percentage of your sales cycle do you spend waiting for an applicant’s financial documents and information?’, to which bankers answered 30% to 50%.  This means that 40% of the sales cycle is waiting on a frustrated customer to provide financial documents.

Keeping track of emails and documents for loan applications, credit approval, or other important transactions is a nightmare.  Be it banking, insurance, financial advisory, efficient document collection is crucial to closing more business more efficiently.  Now all financial professionals using Act! (CPAs, financial advisors, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, bankers, etc.) can gather all the supporting financial documents and e-signatures required for a financial transaction in record time.

Act! eliminates the manual collection of financial documents

Today’s financial professionals using Act! are automating the collection and management of client financial documents and information in record time.

  • Provide an improved user experience.
  • Improve employee engagement and save them time for more productive and high-value tasks.
  • Shorten the sales cycle by 25%
  • Provide examiners with a more complete (and faster) audit trail.

Access on any device | No documents in email | Add your own branding | No more scanning signatures | No more follow-up calls

The next generation of document collection is here for Act! users with intuitive and powerful features

  • Financial documents are automatically loaded to the client record and pipeline deal.
  • Financial documents are stored in Act! and transferable directly to other systems and data storage (like DropBox, One Drive, and many others)
  • Act! keeps a detailed audit trail for compliance
  • Act! users can send invites for documents and receive document and reminder statuses in Act!
  • Collect digital signatures from multiple parties or monitor where a document is in the review process
  • Send automated reminders to chase documents so you can get feedback on time

Secure document collection

A new generation of document collection, storage, and management is here with intuitive and powerful features.

  • Need to collect digital signatures from multiple parties or monitor where documents are in the review process?
  • Would you find it useful to send automated reminders to chase documents so you can get feedback on time?
  • Would it be helpful to have form templates and e-signatures built into Act!?

Security & access

Secure client data and files, log audit trails, and set access levels.

  • Encrypted client data
  • Audit history and logs
  • Grant and control access

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About the author

Ron Buck is the Chairman & CEO of Performance Insights – an industry-leading software company serving the financial services industry.  Ron is a recognized industry leader and has taken two companies public prior to Performance Insights.