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Boost Your Business Efficiency with Link2quotes+

Did you know that businesses can experience a significant boost in efficiency by implementing quoting software like Link2quotes+? If your business deals with a high volume of quotes, this could be a game-changer for you. 

Let’s explore why:

Efficiency and Time Savings through Automated Quoting

By embracing automation in the quoting process, organizations can significantly reduce the burden of manual data entry and calculations. This not only eliminates the potential for errors but also ensures unparalleled accuracy in quote generation. The real game-changer, however, lies in the ability to generate quotes swiftly, drastically improving response times for customers. Additionally, the power to batch-edit quotes and seamlessly send updates in bulk not only saves precious time but also streamlines operations, paving the way for a more agile and competitive business environment. Embrace the future of operational excellence with automated quoting – where efficiency meets precision.

Screenshots showing how to add contacts to Act! using Link2quotes
Generate quotes for new and existing contacts quickly and easily


screenshot showing how to automate quote follow ups
Automate quote follow-ups to keep opportunities progressing


screen shot showing how to batch-edit quotes and send updates in bulk to save time and streamline operations
Batch-edit quotes and send updates in bulk to save time and streamline operations


Create Confident Clients and Minimize Risk through Precise Project Quotations

Building trust with potential clients becomes second nature as accurate quotes demonstrate a commitment to integrity and professionalism. Moreover, clear communication of terms and conditions not only fosters transparency but also serves as a strategic move to reduce business liability. In an era where precision and reliability define success, accurate project quotes emerge as a linchpin for establishing robust client relationships and navigating projects with confidence.

screenshot shwoing how to create precise quotes based on relevant project data
Create precise quotes based on relevant project data


Screenshot showing how to communicate terms and conditions
Clearly communicate terms and conditions


Centralize and Simplify Quote Management

Navigating the complexities of quote management has never been easier. Link2quotes+ empowers you to centralize and simplify every aspect of the quote lifecycle, from creation to distribution and ongoing management. Stay in the driver’s seat with real-time insights into quote status, click-thru tracking, and timely notifications. With a focus on efficiency, Link2quotes+ goes beyond by seamlessly integrating payment processing for accepted quotes. Experience a comprehensive and streamlined approach to quote management, where every step is designed to enhance your workflow and elevate your business success.

screenshot showing how to centralize quote management with filtering and search capabilities
Centralize quote management with powerful filtering and search capabilities


screenshot showing quote status updates
Stay informed with quote status updates, click-thru tracking, and notifications


screenshot of reports to get detail on quote status
Run comprehensive reports to get greater detail on quote status


screenshot to show how to process payments
Process payments via PayPal for accepted quotes seamlessly


Unlock New Efficiencies with Seamless Integration

Enjoy the dual advantage of enhanced customer relationship management through Act! CRM and advanced quoting capabilities offered by Link2quotes+. The seamless integration fosters a cohesive work environment, allowing for a comprehensive view of customer interactions and quoting activities, which not only saves valuable time but also elevates accuracy and responsiveness in client engagements. Harness the power of integration to propel your business forward, forging stronger client relationships and achieving operational excellence.

screenshot showing opportunities from Link2quotes in Act!
Opportunities created in Link2quotes+ appear automatically in Act!


screenshot showing how Products and services appear in the opportunity product tab
Products and services appear in the opportunity product tab


screenshot showing how Follow-up tasks scheduled in Link2quotes+ appear automatically in Act! task lists and calendars
Follow-up tasks scheduled in Link2quotes+ appear automatically in Act! task lists and calendars


Elevate your Act! Experience with Link2quotes+

Link2quotes+ can revolutionize the way you quote, manage quotes, and ultimately close more deals. If you’re an Act! user seeking to generate more sales and enhance your customer experience, trying Link2quotes+ is a must. Call Act! at 866-873-2006 to start your 2-week free trial today and discover how Link2quotes+ can help your business.  

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