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In 2021 financial advisors grew assets by 12% (7.5% was new clients and 4.5% was existing clients) but lost approximately 6% of assets in outflows (half from losing clients, half due to withdrawals from existing clients) resulting in a net asset growth of approximately 6%.

It’s important to note that market performance alone contributed about 8% to growth, which means more than half of the advisor’s growth rate was still being driven by market returns (and not relationship management).

By contrast, the financial advisors using the following book-of-business analytics (along with SMART growth and retention alters) in 2021 grew assets by 23%  with over 69.6% coming from customer relationship management (CRM).

Act! reports and analytics

Act!’s analytics are packed with actionable insights to retain and grow your book of business and include:

  • Automatic updates each morning with yesterday’s market performance – your book-of-business and your client’s portfolio
  • Key numbers, KPIs, and client names all link to more information, data, and analytics
  • Your Top 10 (most important) opportunities, referrals, and life events to focus on

Figure 1

Figure 1.0 Act! Daily Book-of-Business SNAPSHOT

Figure 1.0 illustrates Act!s daily book-of-business SNAPSHOT.  The data comes from Act!, the financial advisors’ custodian (Fidelity, Schwab, Pershing, etc.), financial planning tool (LPL, MoneyGuide Pro, eMoney Pro, Right Capital, Orion, etc.), and other tools. The SNAPSHOT is the financial advisors’ opening screen each morning.

Figure 2

Figure 2.0 Actionable Insights

Figure 2.0 illustrates your book of business’ monthly revenue growth and comparable monthly outflows (lost, withdrawals).

Figure 3


Figure 3.0 Industry Specific Analytics

Figure 3.0 illustrates industry-specific analytics related to a financial advisor’s book of business – the distribution of revenue by age.

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Ron Buck is the Chairman & CEO of Performance Insights – an industry-leading software company serving the financial services industry.  Ron is a recognized industry leader and has taken two companies public prior to Performance Insights.