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Act! Channel Partner Spotlight – Action Platinum Solutions

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As businesses work to provide better and more personalized services for their customers, the need for digital solutions has become essential. However, introducing new software into business operations can be a daunting task for internal teams. Action Platinum Solutions simplifies CRM integration by helping teams throughout the implementation and onboarding processes.

At the time this article is published, Action Platinum Solutions is currently rated the number one Act! Diamond Preferred Partner headquartered in the United States. Action Platinum helps businesses of all sizes and industries across the United States and Canada install and leverage Act!’s multiple products with offerings that range from consulting to sales and marketing services. We recently spoke with the owner of Action Platinum Solutions, Debora Boyle, about how Act!’s easy-to-use platform helps her clients stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving markets.

 Q: To start, tell us more about Action Platinum Solutions—its history, offerings, expertise, etc.

Action Platinum Solutions specializes in custom CRM database project management, business consulting, marketing consulting, and sales consulting for both cloud and self-hosted products to make our client businesses run as smoothly as possible.  I founded the company in 2000 with the goal of becoming a full-service provider of everything Act! software for our clients. Our service and expertise led Action Platinum Solutions to become the first Act! Diamond Preferred Partner in the United States. Fast forward, twenty-plus years: our company consistently ranks as the number one Diamond Preferred Partner for the United States.

Q: In what type of industries are your target customers? Please share any key industry verticals, customers’ specific business needs, etc.

Action Platinum Solutions is a full-service partner for all things Act!,  working with companies of all shapes and sizes. Our clients are in various industries throughout the United States and Canada, including real estate, insurance, financial, manufacturing and more. That is what makes Act! CRM and Marketing Automation such fantastic software to work with; regardless of the size or industry of a client’s business, Act!’s products and tools are affordable, flexible and scalable enough to meet the unique needs of any of our clients.

Q:  What differentiates Action Platinum Solutions from its competitors?

What truly differentiates Action Platinum from the competition, and what I am most proud of, are our industry-specific vertical CRM offerings. Back in 2015, we recognized similar design patterns and terminology for different industries that Action Platinum worked with. So, we decided to build out predesigned Act! Premium Hosted and Self-Hosted vertical CRM packages for our clients.

Action Platinum Solutions vertical solutions

Today, we offer Vertical CRM packages for various industries, including commercial real estate, financial advisors, home builders, insurance agents, mortgage professionals, and real estate agents. Each vertical CRM package is specially designed for its specific industry vertical. For example, our commercial real estate CRM comes prepopulated with tools to help brokers easily stay on top of things like inventory, leasing needs, and property requirements, while our insurance CRM comes equipped with tools to track individual and group policies, renewals, and commission details.

These packages provide a great starting point for our clients. Coupled with Act!’s easy-to-use software and robust customization options, clients are able to customize their platform without the need for a programmer or designer.

Q: Are there common roadblocks customers run into when setting up a CRM system?

Businesses rely solely on in-house or third-party IT teams with little to no experience with Act! or other CRM software. Without a proper understanding of Act!, teams often do not use CRM and its tools to solve the right problems and are less likely to harness the software’s full potential. Businesses that work with Act! CRM and Marketing Automation experts, like Action Platinum Solutions, can quickly discover and solve their most pressing issues and fully optimize their operations.

Q: As someone who has used Act! for years, how have you seen the solution evolve over time?

The best part about Act!, and what keeps it great, is that it continues to evolve while remaining easy to use and highly intuitive. That said, the addition of its Marketing Automation tool has been a game-changer for many organizations. With Act!, clients get two business tools in one. The CRM allows teams to improve customer support, while Act!’s Marketing Automation tool enables teams to streamline many of their marketing operations.

Businesses have been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, ever-evolving regulations, and now inflation. The ability to implement a double-edged tool, like Act!, for customer relationship management and marketing relieves some of the financial burdens for my clients—which is meaningful in today’s market.

Discover how Action Platinum Solutions’ training and Act! CRM packages can improve your business’s day-to-day operations by visiting their website.