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5 Ways a CRM Powers the Real Estate Sales Process


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Did you know that 80 percent of consumers say trust is a deciding factor in their purchase decisions? In the real estate industry, trust is paramount.

Prospects and leads who trust you as their realtor or agent will likely not only buy from your real estate business but they will also become repeat customers and referral sources. To achieve this sweet spot with your clients, you in turn must be reliable, consistent, and resourceful to build that trust and empower your real estate sales process.

This is where all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software can be a game-changer. Real estate CRM software can help you streamline your workflows and sales processes, track leads and metrics, build stronger customer relationships, and automate marketing.

In this article, we’ll show you five ways CRM tools can power your real estate sales cycle, help you close deals, and make you the go-to agent for your customers and their networks.

Blue rectangle box that says, "Did you know? 80 percent of consumers say trust is a deciding factor in their purchase decisions.

Efficiently Manage Leads

The best real estate CRM software helps you organize customer data and streamline lead management, saving countless hours and drastically improving your process efficiency. Instead of manually fetching lead data on every customer interaction and managing it in spreadsheets and offline files, you can use a CRM to automatically record data and make it accessible to everyone on your sales team.

With a cloud CRM system, you can fetch any lead’s information, engagement history, sales process stage, and other critical details on any device from your CRM’s central database. Plus, a CRM records your lead status, satisfaction level, and immediate needs, giving you deeper insights into their most recent interactions with your business.

For example, if a home buyer has ever contacted you or purchased a property from you in the past, your CRM will immediately show you their engagement history with the specific date and time, their point of contact in your company, the nature of engagement (query or sale/purchase), and their satisfaction level. 

Real estate CRM systems also have advanced lead scoring mechanisms to automatically qualify leads and help your sales agents focus on the leads with the highest conversion potential. These insights help you segment leads according to their behavior and needs, flag and escalate specific leads to senior sales agents and ultimately close more deals.

In short, you’ll never have to dive into piles of spreadsheets or guess your way through customer conversations with an all-in-one CRM system.

Offer a Personalized Customer Experience

Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies offering a personalized customer experience. With an all-in-one marketing automation and CRM solution, you can record even minute customer details and use them to tailor your product recommendations, marketing strategy, and sales approach according to their needs.

For example, when a potential client contacts you through your website, landing page, or contact numbers, you can ask them about the kind of property they want to buy or sell, their preferred regions, budget, and other preferences you should consider when finding relevant offers and new properties for them.

Once you feed this client information to your CRM, it becomes a part of your database, with which you can personalize your entire customer experience. For instance, you can assign the lead to your regional sales agents, apply filters to find the best deals that match the lead’s preferences, invite them to relevant events like open houses in their target regions, and focus your content entirely on their search criteria.

When you offer such tailored recommendations, clients know you’ll never waste their time with irrelevant property deals and messages. As a result, they always value your messages, pay attention, trust you, and prefer buying from you.

Blue rectangular call-out box that says, "Research shows that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies offering a personalized customer experience."

Optimize Your Client Communication

Real estate sales are all about timely and efficient communication. Failing to connect with a prospect on time or forgetting to follow up with a lead means losing business.

A CRM takes this pressure off your shoulders and helps you optimize business processes and client communication through automation and timely reminders. You can set the next appointment or follow-up date with a client who has shown interest in a particular property, and your CRM automatically reminds you when it’s time. Similarly, you can schedule emails and phone calls, set client reminders, and automatically send contracts.

This increases your productivity and allows you to focus on high-value tasks that drive growth, such as client servicing, relationship building, and prospecting, all while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Automate Your Marketing and Real Estate Process From Start to Finish

Marketing automation is among the most powerful features of an all-in-one CRM system. Automation tools allow you to get more done faster, at lower costs, and more efficiently.

Here are a few examples of using automation for more effective real estate marketing.

  • Use landing pages to automate your lead capture and lead generation processes. You can easily create marketing campaigns to drive traffic to custom landing pages with forms to capture lead contact information by using social media or search ads and organic sources like SEO and outreach.
  • Create automated email marketing workflows to keep buyers and sellers engaged. For example, when a new lead signs for your newsletter, you can create automatic triggers that will promptly send them a welcome email sequence educating them about the real estate buying process. Similarly, grow your sales pipeline by tracking engagement with weekly emails that include curated property lists from relevant regions. With a CRM, you can trigger sales email sequences to hot leads that have shown interest in buying from you.
  • Generate automated SMS alerts promoting time-sensitive deals and any urgent offers. Send direct, timely info so your clients don’t miss a beat.

With a marketing and sales CRM like Act! you can strategically automate many of your routine marketing activities, driving faster growth at a fraction of the previous cost.

Get Actionable Customer Insights

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. But, with a CRM, you can get detailed audience analytics, giving you priceless insights into your prospects’ behavior, interests, and preferences. For example, your CRM analytics can provide real-time reports on your most profitable regions, best-performing property types, and the top real estate agents driving sales.

Knowing your strengths and weakness not only helps you optimize your resources but also find gaps in your processes and take corrective actions. It allows you to move beyond assumptions and make decisions based on hard data and numbers. As a result, you can find opportunities that competitors with lesser insights can’t see.

Ready to Grow Your Real Estate Sales With a CRM?

Real estate CRM software replaces repetitive manual work, enhances efficiency, and offers live reporting and insights that allow you to build better customer relationships, close more sales, and scale your business.

So, if you haven’t used a real estate CRM yet, it’s time to try Act!, an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation platform that gives you robust marketing, sales, automation, and customer management features to transform your business. Try Act! for 14 days free now.

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