CRM case studies

Read the CRM reviews for Act! CRM and learn why 6 million SMB users have chosen Act! to manage their customer relationships and grow their business.

  • “Act! has been our lifeblood for more than 20 years — we rely on it for everything.”

  • “Act! is simple, reliable and cost-effective, which is perfect for a smaller recruitment firm like mine.”

  • “Act! has made us much more efficient and means things that used to take 30 to 45 minutes now take just 5.”

  • “Act! was the obvious solution when it came setting up a robust information system that everyone in the charity could work from and rely on.”

  • “There was an immediate improvement the moment we implemented Act! CRM.”

  • “Act! has lots of useful features that we need as a business, which we can tailor in the way that we need.”

  • “If we weren’t running Act!, we wouldn’t be able to manage a database as extensive as ours.”