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v24 Act! v24


Act! v24 Released

Announcing Act! v24 - Act! v24 delivers turbocharged performance via a 64-bit native architecture, while user-driven Office integration enhancements bring optimised usability. New marketing automation capabilities enable greater collaboration and drive dynamic marketing outreach with intelligent follow-up.

Upgrade with confidence to Act! v24 – rigorously vetted for quality and user experience.  Ongoing updates – including support for Windows® 11 – ensure you always remain compatible with the latest hardware and operating systems.

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v23 2021 Launch


Act! v23

Announcing Act! v23 - Act! v23 delivers performance and usability enhancements across the solution, designed to streamline and optimise the user experience to ensure maximum productivity.

You asked...we listened - Act! v23 delivers numerous targeted improvements to high-usage areas, based on extensive input and validation from Act! customers and partners across the globe.

Upgrade with confidence - Rigorously vetted and market-tested, Act! users can upgrade with confidence to v23 and realise the benefits of a revamped Outlook Add-in, a new Word Add-in, innovations in Act! Marketing Automation, and more.

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2020 Fall Launch


Fall Launch 2020 Released

The 2020 Fall Launch ushers in all new Act! plans and pricing, new in-product commerce and customer management capabilities, SMS text message outreach (Act! CRM only), and a continued focus on user experience optimization.

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v22.1 Act! Growth Suite


Act! v22.1 Released

Act! v22.1 delivers a wealth of user experience and performance enhancements across the product suite, building on the foundation of the next-generation Act! Growth Suite platform.  New Marketing Automation features make it easier than ever to drive effective outreach.

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v2.8.2 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.8.2 Released

Experience maximum productivity on the go with access to Hot Leads from Marketing Automation, configurable Activity notifications by type, native calendar integration, and a refreshed user interface.

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2019 Fall Launch


Fall Launch 2019 Released (v22)

The next generation of Act! includes all-new Act! Growth Suite plans and pricing, a completely modernised user interface, a personalised home screen, pre-built nurture marketing templates, and so much more!

V2.6 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.6 Released

Act! Companion now includes a new notes view, allowing you create, edit, and view notes across contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities in the app. Additional improvements include a history view revamp and rich text formatting inside of notes and history.

June 2019 Act! Growth Suite


Act! Growth Suite Enhancements Released

Act! Growth Suite now includes a number of valuable Marketing Automation enhancements. Now you can access 170+ impactful email templates that fit your industry, business, and communication style. Choose from a diverse library of promotional, transactional, webinar, and enewsletter email templates for building campaigns. Campaigns will render beautifully on any device, because all email templates are mobile responsive. Additional features include a new visual workflow for selecting email templates and a new image manager, making it easy to find the templates and visuals you need for building campaigns.

V2.5 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.5 Released

Act! Companion now includes heat maps, so you can easily see customers in your proximity. You also get a new Groups view, additional activity and history filters, and an in-app notification that lets you know when new versions are available.

Spring Launch 2019 Act! Growth Suite


Spring Launch 2019 Released (v21.1)

Act! now includes CRM and Marketing Automation in one with the new Act! Growth Suite, an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that provides everything you need to successfully run and grow your business. Additional innovations include Marketing Automation dashboards in Act! Insight, a new marketing calendar view, and asset tracking for PDFs and YouTube videos. Plus, experience improvements to Act! Companion Mobile app, Custom Tables, IT administration, and so much more!

v2.4 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.4 Released

Act! Companion now includes documents, giving you convenient access to attachments associated with your contacts from the app. Additional enhancements let you do even more from the app—add attachments from your mobile device and send SMS text messages to your Act! contacts with ease.

v2.3 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.3 Released

Act! Companion now includes new calendar views, including daily, monthly, and yearly options, providing organised access to your schedule from the app! A new companies view enables you to access, create, update, and delete Act! companies on-the-fly. Enhancements to search include a convenient global search option and expanded search filters across the app, making it easier than ever to find what you need in an instant!

v21 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Plus v21 & Act! Marketing Automation


Act! Pro, Act! Premium, Act! Premium Plus v21 & Act! Marketing Automation Released

Your trusted CRM choice just got better! Act! now includes dynamic sales pipeline management and powerful new Marketing Automation, transforming Act! into the ultimate small business toolset.

Dynamic sales pipeline management

Manage your pipeline more effectively and intelligently with new sales pipeline management tools that help you close deals faster and more often. Available exclusively to active Act! Premium members!

Powerful marketing automation

Optimise all the ways you communicate with prospects and customers with the new Act! Marketing Automation to maximise engagement and drive business growth. Additional subscription required.

Subscriber-exclusive enhancements

Benefit from dozens of valuable subscriber-exclusive product enhancements, including improvements to Act! Insight, Custom Tables, the Welcome page, and so much more!


v2.2 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.2 Released

Act! Companion now includes expanded history, activity, and contact views for more detail about your customer relationships from the app. Enhancements to notification settings give you additional control over the types of notifications you receive.  

v20.1 Act! Pro, Act! Premium, & Act! Premium Plus


Act! Pro, Act! Premium, & Act! Premium Plus v20.1 Released

Introducing the most adaptable, everywhere, connected Act! experience yet!

Custom Tables & Industry Templates

Unlock the full potential of Act! using Custom Tables and Industry Templates in the new Act! Premium Plus. Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialised industry practices together in Act! to manage your business. But unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference. Plus, you get the benefits of CRM to action on the data—create activities and to-dos, send follow-up emails, engage in informed sales conversations, and more.

Next generation Outlook® integration

Extend your connected workspace via next generation Microsoft® Outlook® integration for Act! CRM. Sync for Outlook® contacts and calendar details leverage modern new engine technology to drive superior sync performance and enhance duplicate checking. Quick actions within Outlook® let you record emails to Act! history manually from the inbox and sent folder, auto-record emails to Act! history when emails are sent, or bulk sync emails to Act! history. Configure what gets recorded to Act! history—email components or email components plus attachments. Mail Merge improvements make it possible to include images in your communications, whether you’re using new or existing templates.

Compatibility updates

Work with popular Microsoft® platforms Office 365 and Exchange for contact and calendar sync. These newly supported platforms provide additional convenience, flexibility, access options, and control. 

Act! Insight & Act! Companion improvements

Strengthen business insights and improve sales mobility with enhancements to valuable subscriber-only features Act! Insight and the Act! Companion mobile app. Act! Insight dashboards now include rich customisation capabilities, so you can pull in data from all Act! entities, reporting-based fields, and custom fields, making it easier to measure business and team performance. Act! Companion now includes Act! opportunities so you can manage your pipeline from anywhere. View opportunities in new list or detail views, and easily create, update, close, or delete opportunities on-the-fly.

New customer support options

Get the help you need, when and how you need it with flexible new options for customer support that empower your productivity, including a new Ultimate support plan option, enhanced digital self-service experience, and more. 


Important Note: Office 2010 is no longer supported in Act! v20.1.

v2.0 Act! Companion


Act! Companion v2.0 Released

Act! Companion has been transformed! Experience an all-new look with modern and mobile-friendly design updates. You can count on the same great functionality from the previous versions, including access to contacts, activities, history, and Act! Insight. But now, Act! Companion has been optimised to help users work quickly with easily discoverable actions, a simplified login experience, and access to all available dashboards in the Act! Insight view.  

v20 Act! Pro & Act! Premium


v20 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Meet the modern, new Act! complete with Act! insight*, Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa*, and so much more!

Interactive, graphical Act! Insight dashboards*

Guide decision-making with rich insights from interactive, graphical Act! Insight dashboards. See dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics for sales productivity and performance, sales pipeline health, top performing products, and more with 12 out-of-the-box dashboards. Gain insight no matter where you are with a new Act! Insight view in Act! Companion mobile app.

Ask Act!™ with Amazon Alexa* 

Interact with Act! through simple, verbal requests to Amazon Alexa1 via Ask Act!™—a leading edge voice integration available to active Act! Premium subscribers. Ask for key Act! contact and calendar details, then sit back as Amazon Alexa tells you what you want to know. No need to search your laptop or mobile device to stay informed! 

Fresh, new look

Experience a fresh, new look with visually stunning design updates consistent across Windows® and Web. Enjoy a modern navbar, new big button menu design, new Web login screen, and contemporary icons. 

Optimised emarketing workflow

Manage Act! emarketing campaigns through an intuitive, optimised workflow in Act!. Everything you need to create, send, and track campaigns is available in five newly designed views—Overview, Options, Create, Send, and Track with full-screen Call Lists2.

Compatibility & usability improvements

Benefit from compatibility and usability improvements that make Act! even better! Now you can work with Act! CRM on Chrome for Mac3, quickly identify opportunities that need attention with the new opportunity field ‘Days in Stage’, and so much more.



*Requires an active Act! Premium subscription.
1 Works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show.  
2 Additional fee required.
3 Office integration is not available using Chrome, even on Windows®. Integration with Outlook® for Mac is available with Act! Premium Contact Link via the Act! API.

v1.5 Act! Companion


Act! Companion 1.5 Released

Act! Companion 1.5 now includes maps! Get driving directions to a contact, find nearby places of interest, and navigate to the location of your meeting with ease. Act! Companion also includes a number of new updates since its release with v19. Check out What's New in Act! Companion below to learn more. 

v19.2 Act! Pro & Act! Premium


v19.2 Act! Pro & Act! Premium

Act! v19 continues to deliver enhancements that maximise your productivity and subscription value—making your Act! experience even better!

Compatibility Updates

Now compatible with Microsoft® SQL Server 2016 and Windows® Server 2016. 

Act! emarketing Call List1 Improvements

Focus in on campaign results by date with a new date range filter in the Call List1

Act! Companion* Mobile App Enhancements

Do more from the app! Schedule and update activities and to-dos.

Web Client Rich Text Controls

Enjoy new rich text controls when entering notes, history, and more. Controls include new options for fonts, font sizes, strikethrough formatting, text background colors, and bullet points.

Performance & Quality Updates

Benefit from our ongoing commitment to a best-in-class user experience with customer-driven updates.

1 Additional fee required.

*Requires an active Act! Premium subscription. 

v19.1 Act! Pro & Act! Premium


Act! v19.1 Released

Act! v19 continues to maximise your productivity and your subscription value!

NEW eCommerce Connections*

Connect with popular eCommerce solutions BigCommerce, Ecwid, Etsy, Shopfy, Volusion, and WooCommerce for visibility into customer purchase history in Act! Premium. Use those details to have informed sales conversations and send targeted marketing campaigns. Setup is fast and easy—no technical expertise needed.

Dozens of Quality Updates

Benefit from dozens of quality updates that improve your user experience.

Act! Companion Mobile App Enhancements*

Capture details on the spot and easily associate history to Act! Premium contacts and other users with @ mentions.

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*Requires an active Act! Premium subscription.

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¹ Works with iOS versions 9.x and up, and Android Lollipop and Marshmallow.

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