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Group tour specialists Rayburn Tours have made their name by taking the pain out of travel planning for schools, clubs and societies. But to help them take their own business to the next level they turned to Act!.

"With 50 years in the industry, we understand the importance of high quality service, the difference Act! has made has completely changed our performance. It’s quick, slick and cost-effective and has taken our productivity to a whole different level."

Jamie Boyden
Commercial Director



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Accumulated 2 years of robust data that enables them to better track their business.
  • Seen more enquiries handled by each member of the sales team than ever before.
  • Converted more enquiries into sales than they have done previously.

  • Arranged more trips with the same sized sales teams, using Act! as a high level tour management system.
  • Made significant reductions to their marketing costs, thanks to Act!'s range of intelligent marketing tools.

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