Act! Premium

Affordable and easy to use, Act! Premium is purpose‐built to help individuals, sales teams, and small businesses get organized, maximize productivity, and achieve sales and marketing greatness.
  • Know Your Customers
  • Propel Productivity
  • Make Insightful Decisions

Know Your Customers

Know every detail about your contacts and customers, so you’re informed and prepared for every interaction. Quickly access and edit rich customer information – from anywhere!

Be Prepared

Maintain a complete view of your prospects and customers, including associated notes, history, activities, documents, and opportunities in one organised place.

Tailor Your Interactions

Organize your customers and prospects by grouping similar contacts so you can deliver targeted email marketing messages or sales offers to select customer segments.

Manage Your Day

Easily prioritise and track phone calls, meetings, to-dos, and emails for yourself or your team so you can make the most of your day.


Propel Productivity

Seamlessly interact with the business and social tools you rely on so you can efficiently manage your day and quickly prioritise your activities. Easily automate best practice processes to maximise your time and work smarter to accomplish more.

Advance Your Sales

Complete activities in each stage of the sales process to keep deals moving – track call-backs, products, meetings, emails, and more.

Automate Best Practices

Save time and drive consistency by automating sales processes and follow-up activities based on dynamic criteria you define.

Maximise Efficiency

Seamlessly interact with the business and social tools you rely on every day and collaborate with teammates to drive new business and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your business by accessing key Contact, Opportunity, and Calendar details from your iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device. Or, work offline and sync data when connected.


Make Insightful Decisions

Intelligent Call Lists¹, detailed reports, and actionable dashboards give you dynamic, up-to-date insights at any time, so you know what to do next.

Assess Your Progress

View a visual representation of critical business metrics so you can make strategic adjustments based on individual, team, and company performance.

Extend Your Reach

Intelligently segment your target list, then create and send relevant, engaging email campaigns – all from within Act!.

Focus Your Follow-Up

Track your email marketing success with real-time campaign reporting, and focus on hot leads first with intelligent, prioritised Call Lists.

¹ Additional fee required.

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Act!, the #1 best-selling customer & contact manager, is easy to use and customized to fit your unique business - deploy Act! on-premises or hosted by us in the cloud, and use online, offline, and on your mobile device.

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Customer Success

We're here to help you grow your business - call, email, or chat with us as often as you'd like. Or, browse our extensive online resources at any time.

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Stay connected to the tools and apps you love, with exclusive access to hundreds of Act! Connect integrations that help you automate tasks and save time.

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