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Act! and ZorgpleinNoord

Act! adds professional touch to Dutch employers' organization

With more than 180 affiliated organizations, ZorgpleinNoord is the largest employers' association in the care and well-being sector in the north of the Netherlands.

"Act! is not just living up to our initial expectations, it's exceeding them, as we keep discovering with the new functionality."

Gea Maring
Office Manager



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • By integrating previously separate processes, Act! has increased the efficiency of Gea Maring and her team.
  • A considerable amount of time and effort is being saved because Act! has removed the need to copy and paste information between different databases.
  • Act! has enabled ZorgpleinNoord to maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of its fast-changing affiliated organizations.
  • Communication with member organizations has greatly improved, with newsletters going out correctly and efficiently every time.
  • Because it is now engaging more effectively with its member organizations, ZorgpleinNoord has a much greater understanding of how to better serve their needs.
  • With Act! in place, teams within ZorgpleinNoord have much greater knowledge and understanding of what others in the organisation are doing, which has improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • ZorgpleinNoord is now seen as a more professional organisation because of the efficient way it is able to engage with nearly 200 different organizations within the care and well-being sector.

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