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Act! keeps customer’s costs low and Increases efficiency by 40%

To create personal relationships with potential customers you have to be responsive to their needs, which is why Act! is such an asset to this tree felling firm, especially when the owner is out on the road so much.


"But because I’ve captured their details in Act!, there’s a chance that in three or four days I will be able to help them, and then I can get back to them and make the most of the opportunity."

Ken Porter



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  • For Ken, Act! is like having two or three additional low-cost employees. He estimates that Act! has helped increase his efficiency by around 40 per cent.
  • The reminders Ken gets from Act! are particularly useful when he’s out of the office because they ensure he stays on top of call backs. That means he can offer a level of customer service that his competitors who use paper-based systems can only dream of.
  • When people call when he’s driving, Ken sends them a link from his smartphone they can use to fill in their details, which are automatically entered into his Act! database.
  • While out on the road, Ken uses Handheld Contact to enter notes into Act! about conversations with customers and potential jobs, which means he doesn’t need to go back to the office or employ someone to do this for him.

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