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Act! fills industrial hose firm’s sales pipeline

Scott Hilton has been using Act! for over 25 years and whenever moving companies, Scott has introduced Act! into every one of them, which is why Act! has become an integral part of Hose and Rubber Supply.

"For a sales team to really work though, you need good planning and accountability systems in place. So, when one of the salesmen there told me about Act!, I thought we’d give it a go."

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  • With Act!, you can segment databases easily. This means that while Scott can oversee a database of 9-10,000, each of his salespeople can focus just on those contacts that are relevant to them.
  • Even if they aren’t always keen on using CRM software to begin with, salespeople become enthusiastic fans of Act! when they discover that it can increase their productivity and help them achieve more sales.

    • Act! is a very flexible and adaptable system, allowing Scott to integrate it with Excel to create a bespoke business solution.
    • Scott believes that Act! has given his businesses a very structured sales process that’s been essential to its growth, in one instance helping him turn a sub-$2 million company into a $6 million business.

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