Obsolescence Policies

These policies apply to Europe, UK and Rest of the World (excluding the Americas, Australia and New Zealand). Select the links below to view policies for these regions:

Support Obsolescence Policy

Act! Support Obsolescence Policy is to support the current release and specific recent releases of a product. Unsupported products are not eligible for service packs, hotfixes, or compatibility updates. For access to technical support, you must have a current support plan or be a current Act! subscription customer.

See important notice about Act! licensing changes on older versions.

Act! Growth Suite v22, Act! CRM v22 Through 30/11/21
Act! Growth Suite v21, Act! CRM v21, & Act! Pro v21 & v22 Through 30/06/21
Act! v20 products Through 30/11/20
Act! v19 products Through 30/11/19
Act! v18 products Through 30/11/18
Act! v17 products Through 30/11/17
Act! v16 products Through 31/03/17
Sage ACT! 2013 (15.x) products Through 30/11/16
Sage ACT! 2012 (14.x) products Through 31/07/16
Sage ACT! 2011 (13.x) products Through 30/09/15
ACT! by Sage 2010 (12.x) products Through 31/01/15
ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.x) Through 31/01/14
ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.x) products Through 31/01/14
ACT! by Sage 2007 (9.x) products Through 31/01/13
ACT! 2006 (8.x) products Through 31/08/10
ACT! 2005 (7.x) products Through 31/08/10
ACT! v6 products Through 30/09/08