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Act! Channel Partner Spotlight – TendenZ

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TendenZ has been a trusted Act! Certified Consultant for over 25 years, not only delivering CRM solutions; but striving to be a long-term partner for Act! customers. This highly engaged level of service continues to grow TendenZ’s knowledge, experience, and expertise which ultimately empowers the success of its customers. With certified Act! CRM consultants, marketing advisors, and skilled software developers, TendenZ is dedicated to making the deployment and implementation of CRM successful for its clients. Join us as we delve into TendenZ’s history, expertise, and commitment to providing top-notch solutions that go beyond the ordinary and learn how their partnership can fast-track any organisation’s journey to success in this Q&A session with Frank Boersma, Commercial Director of TendenZ.

Q: To start, tell us about TendenZ—its history, offerings, expertise, etc.

A: For over 25 years, TendenZ has been the permanent point of contact for many thousands of Act! CRM & Act! Marketing Automation users in the Benelux. We have certified Act! CRM consultants, CRM advisors, Marketing Automation specialists, and passionate software developers to assist our customers with making their CRM a success. From inventory to fully customising Act! CRM to their business processes, we’ve built many Act! add-ons and integrations to optimise the customer experience.

Our certified consultants and advisors have the expertise, experience, and passion to effectively set up your CRM, contributing optimally to the growth of your business. And if you have any questions while using Act!, we have an easily accessible Dutch and English-speaking support department with solid CRM and Marketing Automation knowledge to help you get back on track.

Q: In what type of industries are your target customers? Please share any key industry verticals, customers’ specific business needs, etc.

A: TendenZ is a full-service, Act! Certified partner and works with companies of various sizes and in a variety of industries. Our clients span industries across the Benelux, including installation, manufacturing, healthcare and wellness, business services, and more. Act! is designed to be affordable, flexible, and scalable, meeting the unique needs of each customer, regardless of size or industry.

Based on our years of experience, we’ve developed specific solutions for the basic needs of each industry and always consider our customers’ specific business processes to ensure Act! contributes optimally to their growth.

Q: Are there common roadblocks customers run into when setting up a CRM system?

A: If an organisation doesn’t carefully consider what it wants to track and generate, it can affect the proper use of the CRM solution and incomplete data can render it unreliable. Proper CRM and marketing automation training for employees is crucial. We learned over the years that a lack of preparation, employee involvement, and understanding of the impact of a CRM on work processes can hinder its effectiveness.

Q: As someone who has used Act! for years, how have you seen the solution evolve?

A: The best thing about Act! is its continuous evolution while remaining user-friendly and intuitive. The addition of the Marketing Automation tool has been a game-changer, offering two business tools in one. The CRM empowers teams for better customer support, while the Marketing Automation tool streamlines marketing activities. We eagerly anticipate further developments in the pipeline this year.

Q: Do you have any advice for today’s small business leaders looking for tech solutions?

A: Prepare well for a CRM implementation. Involve key users for extra support and carefully consider what you want to track and generate. Think about the impact on your employees’ work processes. We assist customers by making the process efficient and offer specific solutions that provide increased support. We’ve enjoyed having the opportunity to see how Act! CRM and Marketing Automation have optimised the growth of our customers and their businesses.

Visit their website to learn how TendenZ expertise can optimise Act! for your business.