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Transform Your Meeting Scheduling Process with Link2calendar

We know that booking meetings with prospects can be a time-consuming ordeal. The back-and-forth emails to find a mutually convenient time can quickly drain your productivity. That’s why scheduling tools like Link2calendar have gained immense popularity, offering a variety of benefits to streamline the process.

Here’s why Link2calendar should be your go-to scheduling tool:

Empower Your Workday with Automated Scheduling and Notifications

Transform your workday with the seamless integration of automated scheduling and notifications with Link2calendar. Included with each Act! Exclusive Linktivity bundle, Link2calendar integrates self-service calendar bookings so you can reclaim valuable time and refocus on your daily tasks. Designed to simplify meeting scheduling, Link2calendar includes a wide range of robust features tailored to meet your unique needs. Enjoy the convenience of custom notifications, meeting reminders, team scheduling, blackout periods, multiple activity types, billing for booked time, and a mobile-responsive interface. Embrace a new era of streamlined efficiency where scheduling becomes a breeze, allowing you to optimize your time and enhance your overall workday experience.

screenshots of Self-service calendar bookin
Self-service calendar booking for individuals or teams


screenshot showing how to confirm bookings
Customers can complete bookings on any device with its modern & responsive design


screenshot of team calendars
Team calendars include the option to charge for specific meeting types


screenshot of customized meeting reminders
Send customized meeting reminder emails automatically


Link2calendar goes above and beyond in delivering a delightful customer experience by prioritizing user-friendliness and versatility. The platform’s intuitive design ensures ease of use, accommodating individuals of all technical levels. Not only does it allow the effortless creation of personal calendars, but it also empowers users to seamlessly generate group calendars, perfect for collaborative efforts like customer support teams. Prospects and clients can conveniently book time on calendars from any device, thanks to its modern and responsive design.

screenshot of appointment management
Easily configure appointment duration, type, and location, and required field information


screenshot of setting availability
Set availability including blackout periods


screenshot of booking confirmation sample
Customize booking confirmation messaging and include an .ICS file for your customer’s calendar


Provide a Better User Experience Thanks to Seamless Integration

Elevate your user experience to new heights with seamless integration between Link2calendar and Act! Premium Cloud. Bookings made through Link2calendar seamlessly appear in the Act! calendar and task list, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring a unified view of all appointments. Link2calendar goes further by cross-referencing against existing Act! meetings, proactively avoiding schedule conflicts or double bookings. This powerful collaboration between Link2calendar and Act! Premium not only simplifies the scheduling workflow but also ensures a better, error-free user experience for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

screenshot of bookings in task lists
Bookings appear automatically in Act! task lists


screenshot of bookings in a calender
Bookings appear automatically in the Act! calendar


screenshot of bookings becoming contacts
New contacts are automatically created in Act! Premium Cloud

Elevate your Act! Experience with Link2Calendar

Link2calendar is the ideal choice for individuals, freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, teams, and enterprises seeking a simple and efficient way to manage their appointments and meetings in Act!. Ready to simplify your meeting scheduling and maximize your productivity? Call Act! At 866-873-2006 to start your 2-week free trial today and discover how Link2calendar can help your business.  

Learn more about Linktivity and Link2calendar.