What is a CRM database?


A CRM database encompasses all the customer data that you collected, stored and analysed using your customer relationship management program. This data equips a CRM with the ability to provide its users with considerable advantages.

The contents of a CRM database can be:

  • All the personal details of a customer, lead or prospect including their names, email addresses, Skype addresses, ages and titles etc.
  • Sources of leads: Depending on the point-of-contact from where the customer got in touch with the company (website, social media, email campaign etc.), a CRM can automatically maintain the source of leads.
  • All the interactions made with the customer including the last time you talked, the last time they submitted feedback, the last time they requested to receive a newsletter etc.
  • All the purchase histories of all the customers.
  • Other information like the names of the customers’ kids (or of their pets), their favourite hobbies, their dream travel destination or any other personal data that you believe can help you maintain a healthy, long-term relationship.
  • Their levels of engagement; e.g. the last time they got in touch with the company or the last time they visited the company website.

Using this data, a company can not only figure out the needs and desires of their customers, but it can also identify the hottest leads or the most frequent buyers and make them a priority. In addition to this, a company can also forecast its sales and create segmented marketing strategies and campaigns.



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