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Act! and Sherman Bros Trucking

Act! — in for the long haul with trucking firm

In the trucking industry, where businesses are built on relationships and deals are still sealed with a handshake, Act!’s ability to record and manage every detail can be critically important to a long-established company like Sherman Brothers.

"Act! has become such an integral part of what we do, that I’d recommend any business take a look at it . . . absolutely."

Corey Moran
Sales Manager



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • There are 17 Act! users at Sherman Brothers Trucking, mostly in the sales and upper management teams. 
  • Act’s database stores the contact history for 2000+ customers across the United States and into western Canada.
  • With every contact accurately recorded in Act!, the company has a detailed history they can call upon to view previous quotes.
  • Sherman Brothers Trucking recently updated from Act 6.0 to the latest 20.1 Cloud version, with the conversion taking just two days

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