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pfm Medical

Act! and pfm Medical

Act! helps treat medical firm to healthy growth in sales

With Act! contributing to industry-leading delivery times, this medical supplies company continues to impress its international parents with its outstanding performance.

"I have been very impressed with the range of tools that Act! can provide, and how it has been tailored to the individual needs of each of our sales teams. It has certainly made a significant contribution to our success."

Gemma Borgert
Managing Director



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Given the amount of information you can get out of Act! and the way it can track and monitor business on a daily basis, Act! has become essential to Sue’s team.
  • Thanks to Act!, Sue and her team achieve a 99% next day and on time delivery rate – something that their much larger competitors can only dream of.
  • Act! emarketing and an accurate, up-to-date database enables pfm medical UK to target the correct people with their high quality products.

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