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Act! helps keep business buoyant for boat firm

Powerful and easy to use, Act! is the perfect complement to Pacific Boating’s ‘walk on, walk off’ membership scheme that offers a quality boating experience without the cost!

"Another tremendous benefit of having every communication detailed in Act! is the way it helps us to recover overdue debts, because we have a complete history of each conversation with a customer, even if they try, no one can dispute the fees for long."

Phillip Pitt
Managing Director



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Pacific Boating uses Act! to capture and detail every relationship with existing and would-be members, as well as suppliers and staff. In all, Act! comfortably handles over 20,000 records. 
  • Because they have a complete history of every conversation with customers, should there be any dispute over fees it can be quickly resolved. That enables the company to keep bad debts under control. 

    • Pacific Boating’s success is based on delivering great customer service, so they need a CRM that provides them with a clear picture of what they need to do for each member. Act! gives them that. 
    • Because it’s so easy to use, Act! is a great fit for a smaller, growing business like Pacific Boating that needs a cost-effective yet powerful CRM solution that does the job without complication and fuss.

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