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While Act! has the flexibility to integrate with a wide range of other applications, ideally it should be at the center of things, where it’s best suited for managing the wealth of information that is vital to any business.


"I wasn’t sure what software would work best, but after reading Gartner reports on various applications I could see Act! Marketing Automation was going to be the right solution for us."

Alex Kramer



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Act! Growth Suite








  • Like most small companies, Navi Solutions wants to make the most of its available resources. By using technology like Act! and Act! Marketing Automation the company can punch above its weight.
  • When you create a system using multiple applications, it makes sense to use Act! as the hub because it contains all core information about customers and suppliers.
  • Bringing in an Act! Channel Partner is an obvious step for companies wanting to customize Act!. However, even for those who are comfortable making changes to the application in-house, the experience and expertise of an Act! Channel Partner can be invaluable when it comes to avoiding problems and making systems run smoother.
  • If you are already using Act! as your CRM, then upgrading to Act! Growth Suite is the most effective and seamless way to introduce marketing automation into your business.

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