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KH Engineering

Act! and KH Engineering

Act! CRM helps firm to engineer new sales opportunities

By using Act! CRM to identify trends in their marketplace, this multi-disciplinary engineering firm has created new sales opportunities that have significantly improved its competitive position.

"We compared various systems and chose Act! CRM because it’s extremely customizable and also incredibly user- friendly. In less than half a day you can get a handle on the entire system."

Ronald den Toom
Business Development Manager



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • With Act! CRM, KH Engineering now has a clear, concise way to calculate potential sales opportunities, contributing further to the €150 million it already generates annually for the Ludan Group of which it is part.
  • Act! CRM allows the company to analyze trends in reports down to the smallest detail across sectors that include the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, storage and logistics industries.
  • Since Act! CRM is so easy to customize, it’s possible to quickly generate reports that provide management and shareholders with the information they need and are looking for.

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