Customer Success

KeeVac Industries, Inc.

Act! and Hawaiian Isle Real Estate

Act! helps fill the sales pipeline for this liquid waste firm

Many people would be in a mess without the sanitation trucks that this Denver-based company supplies, and it’s Act! that enables them to keep customers flowing in.


"We can quickly get that information from Act!, then work with the customer and manufacturer to fix the problem as fast as possible."

Jessica Smith
Marketing Director



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • Because KeeVac Industries need to promote its stock to a broad base of customers across the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond, they need a robust system for reaching out to customers, which Act! Marketing Automation gives them.
  • When the company runs an email campaign using Act!, website traffic can rise by as much as 30 per cent with the volume of phone calls and emails also increasing accordingly.
  • Great customer service is crucial to the company’s success and reputation, and Act! plays a big part in ensuring every detail of each and every customer interaction is captured. For instance, Jessica and her team have a record of equipment serial numbers to be able to order spare parts very quickly.

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