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FIB Industries

Act! and FIB Industries

Act! helps manufacturer to grow through new sales channels

Since switching to Act!, this Dutch manufacturer has not only been able to better manage its fast-growing customer database, but it has also improved its production forecasts.

"I wouldn’t consider any CRM supplier other than Act!. In our case, this system has been fine-tuned to create a whole range of interfaces between databases that used to operate separately in the past."

Ruurd Schut
International Sales Manager



Real Estate



Act! Growth Suite








  • FIB Industries can monitor what materials are being used or how many plant hours a particular project is consuming.
  • With Act!, the company is now able to distribute important information throughout the entire organization fast and effectively.
  • The production schedule can be managed much more accurately, with expected orders tracked, material requirements calculated and engineering hours budgeted.
  • As well as performing its standard CRM function, Act! is also serving as a powerful forecasting tool.

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