Sage 50 CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Sage 50c Accounts solution with Act! CRM, the proven and trusted choice of over 6 million small and mid-sized business users.


Unleash your potential with Act! CRM & Sage 50

Connect your existing Sage 50c Accounts solution with Act! CRM to create a single unified resource that enables you to manage all your customer interactions and seamlessly access important financial information.

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Information when you need it


Act! empowers your teams by giving them access to the information they need when they need it. Users can instantly find a customer, see all the interactions they have had and are planning to have, and view their financial records at a glance including invoices, orders, quotations, and transaction information.

Improved productivity


Act! streamlines your processes allowing you to spend less time on maintaing records from two different systems. Easily link your Sage 50 and Act! CRM records together with a smooth and automated processs to keep all your data up to date and spend more time on what you value most: your customers.

Greater agility


Act! gives you an edge for your marketing and sales activities. Create powefurl searches, groups, and reports using your combined CRM and accounting data to effectively market your products or services, and produce sales orders and invoices directly from within Act! CRM.


Why integrate Sage 50 with Act!

  • Smooth and simple integration specifically designed to work with
    Sage 50c Accounts.2
  • Powerful sales and marketing features that fuel business growth.
  • Peace of mind, because Act! is the proven, trusted choice of small
    and mid-sized businesses.
  • Extensive online training resources that help you get the most from Act!.
  • Expert technical support1 with phone, live chat, and email options.
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How can Act! CRM help your business?

Relationships are the heart of your business. Make every interaction count with quick,
organised access to highly personalised customer details in Act!, so it’s easy to build relationships that last.



Connect Act!, a feature-rich and flexible CRM solution, to your Sage 50c Accounts software
by using our simple and purpose-build connector Act! Link for Accounting2.

+ Sage 50 integration

Act! Link for Accounting


user/month/excl. VAT

(billed annually)

Connects your Sage 50c Accounts solution to Act! Premium2.

Join over 6 million users in 100+ countries who use Act! CRM to grow their business.

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