The 7 step sales process to help you close more deals


This simple seven step sales process demonstrates exactly how you can turn prospective leads into loyal customers.

We break down the sales process into functional, actionable steps to help you improve conversion, increase revenue and grow your business.

B2B companies that define a formal sales process experience 18% more revenue growth compared to companies that don’t.1

In addition, you stand to benefit the following:

  • Less time spent prospecting: The seven step sales process will allow you to qualify the compatibility between your company and your prospective customer more quickly.
  • Ability to filter out low potential prospects: Efficiently identify quality leads through your sales process.
  • Training new recruits to a high standard: Following the stages of the sales process will allow your new recruits to immerse themselves in your company and hone in on their sales technique faster.
  • A consistent experience  for your customers: This in turn helps you build stronger and longer-lasting relationships with them.
  • A potential increase in your customer retention: An improved customer experience can lead to greater satisfaction and therefore an increase in customer retention.
  • A potential increase in revenue: Having a formal sales process will help you convert better and lead to consistent and sustainable growth for your business.

A beginner's guide to sales management

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Beginner's Guide to Sales Management

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1 Research conducted by Havard Business Review.

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