Act! v23 Product Downloads

Note: Act! v23 Hot Fixes apply to Act! Growth Suite, Act! Premium, Act! in the Cloud, and are applicable to all locales, including Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, U.S. and Latin America.

Updates are cumulative; install the most recent update file to bring your copy of Act! up-to-date.

See what’s new and what issues have been addressed in each update.


Release Date TitleFile NameFile Size
04/19/2022 Act! v23 Update 7act2300update7.exe33 MBDownload
10/25/2021 Act! v23 Update 6act2300update6.exe30 MBDownload
8/23/2021 Act! v23 Update 5act2300update5.exe27.3 MBDownload
5/14/2021Act! v23 Update 4act2300update4.exe27.3 MBDownload
3/17/2021Act! v23 Update 3act2300update3.exe27.2 MB Download