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Campaign Management

Engage prospects & customers

Let Act! Marketing Automation do the work for you to drive engagement and optimise your customer lifecycle. Schedule and send simple ad-hoc email blasts to specific groups of contacts or design automated response-driven nurture campaigns to lead your prospects and customers down highly-personalised paths.

Share campaigns on your social sites to further extend your reach or embed links in templates to drive traffic to your social networks. A campaign calendar ensures you always have a comprehensive view of current and scheduled activities.

Key features:

funnel showing how to engage prospects and customers 1 start with an instant release, 2 send email series 1 and wait 5 minutes, 3 make decision, 4 if they open the email series update/notify them, 5 if they do not open the email series send a new email series
collage of 170+ mobile responsive templates

Template Editor & Workflow Designer

Design impactful communications and campaigns

Start with one of 170+ sample templates or import your existing templates into the interactive HTML template editor to create professional mobile-friendly emails, newsletters, and landing pages. Custom-tailor templates using a simple drag-and-drop interface that requires no formal coding or design skills, then preview in mobile and desktop modes to ensure flawless rendering.

Leverage pre-built turnkey campaigns or use the visual workflow designer to map out multi-stage campaigns and activity triggers with a graphical representation of your automated communication flow.

Key features:

CRM Workflow

Fuse your sales and marketing efforts

Watch as Act! Marketing Automation turns digital marketing engagement into prioritised sales activities in real time. Act! scores leads based on criteria you define, then automatically creates and assigns actions to ensure rapid follow-up – based on a customer’s engagement with emails, lead forms, or surveys.

With a closed-loop connection between your sales and marketing activities enabled by integrated CRM and Marketing Automation in Act!, you’ll quickly expand your reach and be able to focus your attention where it counts.

Key features:

Capture leads, nurture prospects, forecast and convert sales, deliver and satify, retain and grow leads

CRM and email marketing are two of the most important tools in any business arsenal, and when integrated, they provide powerful benefits.

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Example webpage with a close-up of the send a message form

Landing Pages & Forms

Grow and engage your audience

Grow your audience by capturing new leads directly from your website or from custom landing pages you design and deploy. Leads instantly become new contacts in Act! with follow-up activities automatically assigned so you can rapidly capitalise on new opportunities.

Surveys and newsletters are an effective way to stay engaged with existing customers, and interactions are instantly recorded on each contact record.

Key features:

Real-time Performance Metrics

Understand what’s working and refine your strategy

Optimise your marketing strategy with real-time campaign performance metrics such as opens, clicks, bounces, and more. Perform A/B tests to identify your best-performing creative, messaging, and marketing assets such as marketing collateral and YouTube videos, and analyse customer behaviour on your website.

Individual results automatically link to each recipient’s contact record so you have a complete view of every interaction with your company.

Key features:

Info graphic showing a side-by-side comparison of two email campaigns with the one on the left getting 305 total opens and the one on the right getting 281 total opens showcasing the email analytics dashboard on act! CRM
Woman talking on the phone with a screenshot of the act! CRM marketing automation dashboard


Trust your campaigns will reach inboxes

Act! Marketing Automation is backed by an expert delivery team to help you manage your sender reputation, achieve outstanding delivery rates, and fast-track your success. Plus, you’ll have access to a library of self-service digital assets – including training guides and a video library – to help you get started with ease, as well as numerous helpful tools for GDPR compliance, spam analysis, managing opt-outs, and other essential deliverability topics.

If you need additional training or assistance, our Professional Services team is available on a per-hour basis to guide you through set-up, configuration, and usage best practices.

Key features:

“I stepped forward into Act!’s Marketing Automation, and that delivered me the world. With marketing automation, I can literally take the pulse of my customers through my website, email campaigns, and day-to-day activities. Marketing automation is the aspect of Act! that really fills in the gaps and takes the place of personal activities that I would normally have to do during the day, therefore, giving me more time to concentrate on efforts that help me build my business and deliver a product that delights my customers.”

Matt Agnese
President, Plan B and C, inc.

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