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Elevate the Act! Experience with interactive online quotes. Automatically create follow-up tasks, send customer reminders, see when quotes are viewed, and process secure payments with Link2quotes+.
Link2quotes+ includes Link2calendar, the best way to share your Calendar and provide customers and prospects with a self-service appointment booking solution that makes scheduling time simple.
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Link2quotes+ is the ultimate quoting solution for Act! allowing you to create custom quotes to share with your prospects, provide insight into when quotes are viewed, schedule follow-ups, generate automated reminders, and process payments.

Key features & benefits:


Link2calendar offers Act! Premium Cloud users with a convenient way to schedule meetings for everyone involved. Act! users can now easily share their calendar via an online link that customers can use to book available times, which syncs directly to the Act! Calendar to avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

Key features & benefits:

Link2quotes+ Pricing

Link2quotes+ includes Link2calendar and is available exclusively to active Act! Premium Cloud subscribers.


(billed annually)

Pricing pro-rates to align with existing Act! Premium subscription term.

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