The Ultimate Marketing Plan Template Anyone Can Use

Effective planning is the key to setting your marketing initiatives on the right course. With a detailed, clear marketing plan, you can reach your target audience, drive sales and boost profits with ease.

We want you to maximise your reach and see rapid results. That’s why we are giving away a FREE marketing plan template. Simply click the “Download now” button below, and you’ll get access to a plan you can begin filling out right away.

But why do you need a marketing plan in the first place?

Here are a few of the many reasons!

  1. Your objectives are laid out from the outset, guiding your team’s goals and activities.
  2. Your teams and processes will remain aligned, maximising your chances of yielding a better return.
  3. You’ll benefit from the ability to evaluate your plan as you go, making changes where necessary to gain optimal results.
  4. You will have a better chance of staying within budget, and ensuring all costs are counted and measured.
  5. The marketing plan will enable you to understand what worked (and what didn’t) so that you can inform future strategies and tactics.

But not any old marketing plan will do!

A poorly formed, rushed or overly complicated marketing plan will not help. In fact, a lack of planning could be the main hurdle in the success of your marketing efforts. Only a well-structured, thorough and clear plan will allow you to gain the results you desire.

We’ve taken on the hard work for you and created an easy-to-follow, clear and systematic template that ANY business of ANY size can use.

No matter what your next marketing strategy looks like, this template can be used (and re-used) throughout its lifecycle.

So, what can you expect to find in the Act! Marketing plan template?

  1. A business summary and mission statement page. This section serves as an introduction to your organisation, its goals, and future plans. 
  2. Objectives. It is important that you define your overall objectives. How will you know when you have met your objectives? What measures will you put in place to keep you on track?
  3. A SWOT analysis. Here, you get to detail your business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is important that you keep revisiting this section and add to it as you go if necessary. Only when you fully understand threats and weaknesses can you tackle these and come up with a robust solution.
  4. Target market outline. It is crucial you know who you are targeting and what your buyer personas look like. An ineffective, ill-planned target market outline will bring any marketing strategy crashing down.
  5. Competitor analysis. Who are you competing against? How are your competitors targeting your market? How can you differ from them?
  6. Market strategy, marketing channels, and goals. In this section of your plan, you will detail exactly how you will approach your market, what channels you will use and the initiatives your team will pursue to achieve the marketing goals.
  7. Budget. This is the budget allocated to the marketing team to pursue the goals and initiatives. 
  8. Marketing action plan. This detailed plan will help you plan out your marketing activities in more detail and review them at scheduled dates to track your progress and adjust your strategy if necessary.
  9. A fully customisable plan. Finally, this entire marketing plan can be customised to look and feel like it was created in-house. Add your company logo, address, and any other imagery and circulate amongst your teams.

Filling out this free template couldn’t be easier. The great news is, you can adapt it as you go, permitting a fully flexible marketing plan that grows as your company does.

Download your template now and create a robust marketing plan that skyrockets your next marketing campaigns, boosts sales and positions you as market leaders in your field.


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