Notice for Customers Installing Act!

During the install/registration process we recommend you have a reliable internet connection. This connection will allow your new Act! application to register/validate your serial number and the Act! version number.

Why does Act! collect this information?

  • The process validates your serial number or license key is valid, without this validation your Act! Application will not function beyond 30 days of the installation date.
  • This also allows Act! to alert you in the event there are critical updates that need to be applied to your specific Act! Application, especially if the update is security related. This ensures that maintenance or update related emails apply to your version of Act!
  • Registration/Activation Data – Your data, including your registration information, will be collected and used as provided in this Agreement and in accordance with our privacy policies, which can be found at

By installing and registering your new version of Act!, which is mandatory to utilise the product, you are consenting to Act! collecting this information.;

Just to be clear, the only information sent to Act! is:

  • Registration or Serial Number
  • Act! version number being installed
  • Unique MAC identifier of the computer

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