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Note:  Act! Premium v19.2 requires an active Premium subscription or active Premium Business Care plan. Business Care customers will require a new serial number for this version.

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Act! Premium - Windows® client

Download the client if you want to run Act! on a Windows® computer.

International English (US, CA, LA, UK, EU, AU, NZ)

(version 19.2, 590 MB)

Note: Once downloaded, Act! installation files are saved to default location determined by the version of Windows® you are running. The Act! installation panel appears automatically when the download is complete.

Act! Premium - Web client

Download the client if you also want to set up a web server so that users can access information in Act! via and internet browser and from supported mobile devices

International English (US, CA, LA, UK, EU, AU, NZ)

(version 19.2, 1,016 MB)

Quick Tip! Reference the Web Administrator’s Guide for detailed information and instructions.

Act! Premium Web API

Download Web API to enable connecting cloud-based services, data products, and integrations with Act! Premium

(v1.1.426.0, 86 MB)

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