CRM and Marketing Automation Integration

Your marketing and sales teams need to function as a cohesive, well-aligned unit in order for your business to grow. Integrating your marketing automation tool with your CRM, can go a long way in ensuring that.

A CRM holds all of your valuable customer data, which needs to be fed to your marketing automation tool, for the latter to function. Without marketing automation integration with CRM, the fundamental purpose of a marketing automation tool (standardised lead management) will be compromised, as you will have to manually upload lead-related data to it. On the other hand, a CRM working in tandem with marketing automation can streamline sales and marketing efforts, lead to cutbacks in cost, and an increase in productivity. Let’s take a look at some of the most tangible benefits of CRM marketing automation integration:

Hot Leads Don’t Wait

A marketing automation is at its best when it automatically ranks leads based on their level of interest and engagement. However, it can only do so if it’s connected to a periodically updated CRM database, that has all the customer information. This allows the sales team to receive the hottest leads at just the right time. This also restricts the funneling of unnurtured leads directly to sales; instead marketers can nurture and monitor leads for some time, and only forward them when they are likely to making a purchase.

All Your Data in One Place

If both your CRM and marketing automation applications are meant to manage one unified customer-base, then why would you not connect the two together? Managing and syncing information across two software can be a tedious job, and it can lead to data being lost or entered wrong. Integrating the two however makes data management a whole lot easier.

No need to manually synchronise, no need to worry about deleting from two different places, and no need to continuously switch between two applications!

CRM Success

Marketing automation integration with CRM can finally help your CRM deliver the results you always expected, but never got. When your sales agents will be able to associate key indicators like email clicks, abandoned carts, feedback, website visits, and lead scores etc. to individual people, they will be able to engage with customers more tactically. Out-of-the-box CRM solutions don’t provide such sales empowerment.

It’s an undeniable fact that marketing automation and CRM software work best together. If enhancing productivity and efficiency is what you are after, this could be your game-changer!

Big results. Small investment.

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