What is Content Marketing?

So, you’re thinking about starting content marketing? If that’s the case, you’re in good company; a 2018 report by The Manifest found that 53 per cent of businesses spend time and money on content marketing.

Before you begin, you’ll need to know a bit more about what it is. In this article, we’ll look at the definition of content marketing, its benefits, and some content marketing examples.

Content Marketing Definition

Content marketing is the act of creating online content to help build awareness of a business and its product.

The content does not usually directly promote the brand. Instead, it is designed to offer value to the reader. This could be through solving a problem they have, teaching them something useful, or simply by providing entertainment.

Content marketing takes many forms. Some of the most popular types of content are blog posts, videos, and case studies. Although, the reach of content marketing can be much wider and take in anything from apps and games to reports and courses.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?

There are many reasons why a business would start content marketing. Here are some of them:

  • Content marketing increases the visibility of your brand. For example, when people share your content on social media, reference your report in an article, or view your blog post on a search engine.
  • It is possible to get started with content marketing on a small budget, assuming you can produce the content yourself. Costs may increase depending on the type of content you want to produce and if you need to hire outside help.
  • Content marketing can help with your branding efforts. For example, producing analytical reports on industry trends will help you position yourself as an authority in your sector.
  • Brands can use content marketing to help the customer make the decision to buy their product. They can do this by producing content with information about their solution or by using content to generate leads.

Content Marketing Examples

The great thing about content marketing is you can use a format that best aligns with your marketing goals, your specialities, and also speaks to your audience. Here are some specific ways you can use content marketing.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation

People often use content marketing for its SEO benefits. By creating blog posts or web pages that answer common search queries related to your product, you’ll show up in search engines when people are looking for your solution.

Look at what happens when you search for “How to meditate” on Google. One of the top links is a meditation guide written by Headspace, a meditation app.

When people click on the link, they not only get a really useful guide to meditation, but they also become aware of Headspace. In the future, if they decide to continue their meditation journey, they may remember Headspace and download the app.

Content Marketing to Build Authority in an Industry

Businesses can use content marketing to build authority in their industry. By producing content using the expertise, data, and knowledge a business has access to, they can position themselves as experts in their sector.

Accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers does this at an incredibly high level. They recently released the “Global Crisis Survey 2019.” In this report, they interviewed a range of global business leaders and produced a variety of content including blog posts, videos, quizzes, and a PDF.

Content Marketing to Build Leads

Many businesses use content marketing to build leads. A common way to do this is by creating useful content and giving it away in exchange for a potential customer’s contact details.

This is something we have done at Act!. Anyone who wants to know more about marketing automation can download our excellent eBook on the subject.

In order to use content to build leads, the content should be valuable enough for customers to want to hand over their contact details. Usually, this means it is more in-depth than regular blog posts or articles.

This was a quick introduction to content marketing. If you want more information about the topic, then check out our guide to creating a killer content marketing strategy or video content marketing.

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