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Streamline Your Online Events with Link2events+

Hosting online events like webinars, training sessions, or networking meetings can be great for business. The only problem is that organising them can be a job in itself. Well, if you’re an Act! Premium Cloud user, there’s good news! Link2events+ is here to simplify the entire process for you.

As an online event management solution, Link2events+ acts as a bridge between functionality found in costly webinar services and standard webinar services. Using Link2events+ affords you a less expensive option that is seamlessly integrated with your Act! Premium Cloud database, making the planning, execution, and follow-up associated with hosting an event more efficient. Here’s how:

Simplify events with streamlined workflows and contact management

Streamline your event management process and boost productivity with Link2events+. Use easy-to-follow event templates to create both in-person and virtual events, simplifying the event creation process. Seamless integration with Act! Premium Cloud ensures that scheduled events sync automatically with your Act! Calendar, saving you time and reducing the risk of scheduling conflicts. Attendee information is meticulously tracked and associated with the event, providing a comprehensive overview within your Act! database. Plus, new registrants are automatically added to Act! Contact records helping to expand your network effortlessly. 

screenshot of a event template
Use easy-to-learn event templates to create free or for-fee in-person and virtual events


screenshot of how to review registrant information
Specify what information to collect from registrants


screenshot of calendar
Created events sync directly with the Act! Calendar


screenshot of registrant lists
Registrants are automatically associated with the event in Act!


screenshot of events being associated in contact records
Events are automatically associated with the contact in the contact record


Optimise Attendee Engagement and Simplify Post-Event Outreach for Maximum ROI

Incorporate your brand colors and logo into visually appealing sign-up pages that can be embedded into websites, social media, and within email marketing campaigns to drive event registrations. Customised reminders and follow-up emails are sent automatically to ensure attendance and encourage attendees to take further actions post-event. Registrants and attendees are automatically added to Act! Groups to manage post-event follow-up. Maximise your returns by ensuring attendance and streamlining post-event engagement with Link2events+.

screenshot of sign up pages
Design eye-catching sign-up pages with your brand colors and logo


screenshot of event reminders
Send customised reminders and follow emails automatically


screenshot showing how to add registrants to groups
Automatically add registrants to Act! Groups for post-event marketing


Unlock insights with seamless attendee and registrant tracking

By linking registrants to specific activities and associating them with contact records, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the interests of your prospects and customers. With all registration and communication data synced to Act!, you can run insightful reports to gain valuable analytics and make informed decisions to enhance your engagement strategies. You’ll also receive real-time updates when someone registers for an event, keeping you in the loop and up to date around pre-event interest. Utilise the Link2events+ dashboard or activity record within Act! To further keep track of registrants. Link2events+ is your key to unlocking meaningful insights and driving more impactful interactions with your audience.

Link2events dashboard
Use the Link2events+ dashboard to track event organisers and registrants


screenshot showing list of registrants by event
Track and filter registrants by event


report sample
Gain additional insights into event groups with group reports in Act!


screenshot with event groups
Use Act! Marketing Automation to send pre and post-event marketing campaigns to event groups

Elevate the Act! Experience with Link2events+

Link2events+ is your go-to solution for organising successful online events with Act! while reducing effort, time, and cost. Ready to revolutionise your event management? Call Act! at 0845 268 0220 to start your 2-week free trial today and discover how Link2events+ can help your business.  

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