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Maximising Productivity with Act! Premium v25.2: Introducing Act! Sidebar for Outlook

In the ever-evolving world of customer relationship management, staying productive and ahead of the curve is essential. With Act! Premium Version 25.2, we’re proud to introduce new feature enhancements to take your customer management experience to the next level. Act! Premium v25.2 introduces streamlined workflow enhancements and Act! Sidebar for Outlook, a powerful new Outlook Integration that enables effortless efficiency to maximise productivity.

Act! Sidebar for Outlook: Seamlessly Integrate Your Workflows

Act! Premium Version 25.2 introduces Act! Sidebar for Outlook, an innovative integration designed to maximise your efficiency when working in Outlook. This integration not only streamlines your email management but also enhances your customer relationship management capabilities, all within the familiar Outlook interface.

Stylized screenshot showing Outlook and the Act! for Outlook interface

Email History Records Made Easy

With Act! Sidebar for Outlook, you can automatically record email exchanges to history, ensuring that all your crucial email communications are captured and easily accessible in your Act! database. This feature is invaluable for improving prospect and customer engagement, enhancing the customer experience, and making your communication more effective. You can choose between Auto Attach for automatic email recording and Quick Attach for manual control, and specify which aspects of each email get saved to the Act! Database.

A screenshot showing Act! for Outlook's Change Preferences

Seamless Contact Management

Act! Sidebar for Outlook empowers you to not only add new contacts but edit contacts as well, directly from Outlook, saving you time while seamlessly updating the contact database in Act!. Users have the option to add new contacts from either the embedded Act! Menu or the optional Act! Sidebar for Outlook sidebar. Regardless of which option is preferred, contact information such as name and email address will automatically populate when creating a new contact to make the process that much simpler.

A screenshot showing Act! for Outlook's side panel

Dive into Detailed History Records

For a more comprehensive view of your customer interactions, Act! Sidebar for Outlook allows you to access detailed history records directly from Outlook. You can quickly see the five most recent history records, including the activity type, result, date and time, and detailed notes. This instant access to information is a game-changer for staying informed about your customer interactions without having to switch back and forth between systems.

A screenshot showing Act! for Outlook's view contact history screen

Create New Activities on the Fly

Act! Sidebar for Outlook provides the flexibility to create new activities for one or more contacts directly from Outlook. This includes the option to automatically generate meeting invites at the time the activity is created. Streamlining your workflow and reducing the need to switch between applications, this feature keeps you on top of your schedule.

a screenshot showing how to add an Activity to Act! for Outlook

Get Started with Act! Sidebar for Outlook Today

Act! Sidebar for Outlook is included in the Act! Premium v25.2 installation package and is available to Act! users worldwide. To get started, download and install Act! Premium v25.2, select “Preferences” from the “Tools” dropdown menu, go to the “Email & Outlook Sync” tab, and follow the steps to configure email settings and synchronization preferences.

Act! Sidebar for Outlook works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook,, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), as well as IMAP and POP servers.

Act! Sidebar for Outlook is also available to Act! Premium Cloud users. To get started in Act! Premium Cloud, select “Preferences” from the “Tools” dropdown menu, select the “Email” option, and follow the steps to configure email settings and synchronization preferences.

More Popup to Modal Conversions

In addition to Act! Sidebar for Outlook, Act! Premium Version 25.2 introduces more popup to modal conversions to make working in Act! more intuitive and user-friendly. Joining a growing list of popup to modal conversions, you now have more streamlined workflows for adding contacts to opportunities, removing contacts from opportunities, adding/removing groups, adding opportunities to groups, and adding opportunities to companies.

Act! Premium Desktop v25.2 Available Now!

Learn more about Act! Premium v25.2, or contact an Act! Representative at 866-530-2718 or your Act! Consultant to upgrade now.