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Enhanced Security with the Release of Act! Premium v25.1

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Building upon the innovations in Act! Premium v25, Act! v25.1 further boosts business effectiveness with more tools to enhance security, gain richer insights, improve communication, and refine overall usability. 

Enhanced security to keep sensitive data private

Helping customers comply with an ever-growing list of data protection and privacy concerns is no small feat. Act! Premium v25.1 introduces Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Act! Premium Desktop to provide an additional layer of security that prevents unauthorised account access and help organisations comply with data protection and privacy regulations. Coupled with the introduction of MFA in Act! Premium Cloud in May of this year, the vast majority of our subscribers can now benefit from this critical protection. Multi-factor authentication works by requiring Act! users to enter a unique numerical code, sent via text, in addition to their username and password, when logging into Act!.

two screenshots depicting the MFA process
Require MFA for all or select users

Richer insights with new dashboards, charts, and reports

Act! Premium v25.1 brings the newly introduced Act! Insight advanced dashboard builder to Act! Premium for Web (APfW) and new charting & reporting tools to Act! Custom Tables. These new additions help better visualise data, turning raw information into actionable insights that empower informed decision-making. 

With the Act! Insight advanced dashboard builder, Act! Premium for Web users can create more detailed analytics dashboards that help visualise more of their data, delivering more meaningful insights and helping to capitalise on changing business conditions. 

two screenshots depicting an opportunities dashboard.
Utilise multiple sets of criteria to visualise more data

Act! Custom Tables is a powerful add-on that unlocks the full potential of Act! by adding the ability to manage detailed product and service data, that may be contained in spreadsheets, alongside your customer, company, and opportunity data, directly within Act!. These customisable tables empower users with comprehensive insights they can use to develop targeted sales & marketing strategies, deliver tailored customer experiences, and take their business to the next level. Act! Premium v25.1 introduces graphs, KPIs, and a Report Designer to Custom Tables. Graph types include column, line, pie, and more, while KPI charts allow you to see your data in pivot table-like detail.

pie chart
Create customisable charts that can be saved and exported


pivot table v251
Create KPI reports to see Custom Tables data in pivot-table-like detail


report designer screenshot
Create and share Custom Tables reports with the Report Designer

Improve customer communications with text messaging

Act! Premium v25.1 introduces SMS text messaging to Act! Premium for Web (APfW) users with SMS4Act!. Now, users across all Act! platforms can leverage the affordability and effectiveness of text messages to stay top of mind with prospects and customers. 

With open rates 4x greater than traditional email, text messaging extends an organisation’s reach and helps to stay top of mind with prospects and customers. SMS4Act! users can send impromptu text messages for virtually any occasion, which can be personalised and saved as templates. 

SMS4Act! styized screen editor screenshot.
Send SMS text messages for virtually any occasion

Refined usability for a more modern user experience

Act! Premium v25.1 includes several enhancements to improve the user experience, including more efficient workflows, replacing popup windows for modals, and visual enhancements that make the Act! Companion mobile app more intuitive.  

Whether attaching a file, editing a report, customising a list view, creating an activity, or duplicating a contact, popup windows are frustrating and make it harder to complete a job. Act! Premium v25.1 replaces pesky popup windows with streamlined modals to improve workflow efficiency and significantly improve the user experience. 

three screenshots in one image depicting improvements in Act! v25.1

For customers on the go, the Act! Companion mobile app is the perfect complement to stay connected when away from your computer. Act! Companion received a UI overhaul in conjunction with Act! Premium v25.1 to make it more intuitive and modern, and to include advanced dashboards created via Act! Insight. 

Act! Premium Desktop is v25.1 Available Now!

Learn more about Act! Premium v25.1, or contact an Act! Representative at 0845 268 0220 or your Act! Consultant to upgrade now.