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3 Key Benefits of Using Webforms for Your Business

Did you know that web forms can significantly impact your business success? A well-designed multi-step form has been shown to convert a remarkable 53% of site visitors into leads (Venture Harbor). Marketers utilise web forms to complete orders, gather customer information, and collect valuable leads, with 28% of them recognizing the positive impact of the proper form fields on lead quality (Venture Harbor). Additionally, web forms simplify the process of capturing lead information and enable seamless integration with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, facilitating follow-ups and boosting sales opportunities.

For Act! Users, Link2forms+ is the simplest and most cost-effective solution for creating web forms. Seamlessly integrated with Act! Premium Cloud, Link2forms+ is a powerful lead generation tool that streamlines the collection of customer data for things such as newsletter signups, service or quote requests, information requests, surveys, and much more.

In our latest blog article, we explore the top 3 reasons why Link2forms+ is an indispensable tool for your business.

Elevate Your Business Communication, Build Connections, and Gain Insight with Powerful Customizable Web Forms

With Link2forms+, you can effortlessly create customizable forms for various purposes such as information requests, surveys, newsletter signups, and more. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows you to tailor your web forms to meet specific needs, facilitating direct interaction with customers and potential clients. Whether you choose to customise form URLs or embed forms into web pages, emails, or other channels, Link2forms+ ensures maximum visibility and customer access. Generate insight into customer wants and needs with detailed graphs and reports. Armed with this data, businesses can make informed, data-driven decisions, send targeted campaigns, provide detailed product information, and share exclusive offers or discounts. Moreover, Link2forms+ allows you to customise and automate email responses, fostering loyalty and satisfaction. Combined, Link2forms+ enhances awareness, builds connections, and fosters effective communication between your business and your valued customers or prospects.

screenshot of a sample form
Create customizable forms for quote requests, information requests, newsletter signups, and more


screenshot of sample survey form
Use Link2forms+ to administer quick and easy surveys


screenshot depicting pie graph in Link2forms
Run bar or pie chart graphs to gain insight from forms and surveys


Generate New Streams of Leads and Boost Conversion with Link2forms+

Link2forms+ is the key to a continuous flow of new leads and increased conversion rates for your business. By utilizing web forms as a powerful lead-generation tool, Link2forms+ enables you to build a robust pipeline of prospects. The user-friendly design of the forms makes it easy for both prospects and existing customers to engage with your business. Link2forms+ goes beyond lead generation by offering features that maximise conversion rates. The platform enables effective nurturing and engagement through automated scheduling of follow-up activities, allowing for timely and targeted interactions. Additional lead categorization helps you tailor your follow-up efforts, ensuring a personalised approach that resonates with each lead. Link2forms+ seamlessly integrates with Act!, automatically creating and tracking opportunities to streamline your workflow. Elevate your lead generation and conversion strategy with Link2forms+, and witness the transformative impact on your business growth.

screenshot depicting scheduling options
Schedule follow-up activities automatically upon form submission


screenshot depicting how to create opportunities in Act! with Link2forms+
Create opportunities in Act! Automatically


screenshot showing how to assign contacts to new or pre-existing Act! groups
Assign form submission contacts to new or pre-existing Act! groups for tailored follow-up

Optimise business performance with streamlined operations and seamless integration

With its seamless integration with Act!, tLink2forms+ streamlines operations across departments, spanning from marketing and sales to business intelligence. The efficiency gains are substantial as forms can be configured by one department to automatically create opportunities and follow-up tasks for another, which effortlessly flows into Act! without additional manual effort. Additional configuration allows for intelligent segmentation by adding contacts automatically to unique or preexisting groups. These segments can then be included in marketing or call campaigns, delivering targeted messaging for enhanced engagement. Link2forms+ includes controls to ensure accurate data capture and prevent the submission of invalid details such as email addresses or phone numbers. This not only guarantees high-quality leads but also maintains clean and reliable data for analysis, follow-up, and overall operational efficiency.

screenshot showing how to create opportunities in Act! automatically with Link2forms+
Create opportunities in Act! automatically


screenshot of Act! task lists
Follow-up activities appear in the Act! Task List and Calendar


screenshot depicting Act! Groups
Use Act! Groups to create tailored marketing and call campaigns

Elevate your Act! Experience with Link2forms+

Link2forms+ is your new secret weapon in the ongoing effort to drive demand generation while building better connections with your customers and establishing operational efficiencies within your business. Ready to try forms for your own quote requests, surveys, and newsletter signups? Call Act! at 0845 268 0220  to start your 2-week free trial today and discover how Link2events+ can help your business.

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