How Act! Can Help You to "Get Your Act Together"

Using your Act! database as an electronic rolodex and calendar is not a viable option, particularly if you find that contacts and opportunities are “falling through the cracks.” Follow these tips to transition your Act! database to a lean, mean, powerful CRM system!

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Introducing Act! v18 — See what’s new!

The newest version of Act! has arrived, with even more robust customer management, sales automation, and email marketing. Act! has never looked so good.

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How I Use Act! Essentials to Run a Children’s Rugby Team While Managing a Full Time Business

I coach a small youth Rugby team, which along with my full time job as a VP of Swiftpage, takes a decent amount of planning to run well – certainly more than I could have imagined! In fact, a children’s rugby team can have (nearly!) as much of a need for tools like Swiftpage as a company does.

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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Act! v17

With all-new subscription plans, flexible deployment options, and exciting new features to help you grow your business, Act! is better than ever. If you’re not on the latest version of Act!, you’re missing out!

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Act! Cloud is Becoming Act! Essentials

It’s here! Act! Cloud is getting a makeover with a new name and a new look. Keep an eye out for Act! Essentials!

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How to use Email Marketing to Tell Your Story

Just because you love your business doesn’t mean it’s always easy to sell your company’s story to the world. These days, it seems we face an ever-increasing stream of advertisements—in our social feeds, in our inboxes, and across our favorite websites, making it difficult for any one company or product to stand out from the noise.

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Introducing the New Act! emarketing Template Editor

It’s here! Act! emarketing has been refreshed with an all-new template editor, making it easier than ever to reach your customers and prospects with customized, professional emails. Here are some of the new features you’ll find in the new template editor…

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Act! v17.2 is here! See what’s new.

Act! v17 is better than ever! Act! v17.2 offers all-new Act! emarketing enhancements, productivity improvements, and streamlined configuration.

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4 Profitable Steps to Running a PPC Campaign on a Small Budget

Anybody who’s ever run a PPC campaign on a tiny’ish budget knows how easy it is for costs to get a bit crazy. You know you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but results are needed as soon as possible, so you feel stuck. It can seem like there’s not much that you can do and that there’s very little room for error. But from experience, I can tell you that you only feel this way because you have not realized that there is a better way.

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How Act! Can Help You Save Time and Increase ROI

In this second video of our Act! on Values series, we focus on the value of time and how you can use Act! to increase productivity and drive ROI. How much time do you waste each day in activities that tax your productivity? Just think, if you could save just 15 minutes each day, you would end up saving a full day every month.

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