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Keeping contact information organized is crucial to your bottom line, but when it’s spread across multiple platforms and products you lose both time and a complete view of your customers’ needs. Act! collects all your customer data in one place, surfacing the right information at the right time so you can present the right message.

“Act! gives us the ability to keep track of everything in one place, and our customers benefit.”

Carolyn Alt

ShowSpan has been producing consumer shows for over seven decades throughout Michigan and Wisconsin, connecting with consumers and exhibitors in such varying verticals as food and wine, home and garden, and travel and RV. As a Senior Show Manager with ShowSpan, Carolyn Alt relies on Act! to keep track of customers and prioritize her marketing tasks.

“Act! makes for better customer service,” says Alt. “There’s a high chance that someone is going to talk to multiple people in the company. With Act!, we’re able to quickly identify who’s talking to who about what. It saves time and energy.”

“Act! highly elevates our knowledge of our contacts – who they are and what they’ve done.”

Alt and her team are heavy users of Act! emarketing solution and the automation it enables. “We were using a different product six years ago, but it’s cheaper to send two postcards and a lot of emails,” says Alt. “We can send an email and go through the results and build a call list. Act! makes it possible for us to say, ‘Call 10 people who opened and clicked’ or ‘Call 10 people who know nothing.’”

Alt’s team has also taken advantage of Act!’s sophisticated customization options to sort and segment the thousands of contacts they manage and keep track of all the information they gather. ”We can add and customize fields, and we frequently massage the customization as our company grows,” says Alt. “Act! highly elevates our knowledge of our contacts – who they are and what they’ve done.”

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