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Your days consist of managing your calendar and activities to help build business. These areas should all talk to each other and make your workflows smarter and more efficient.

“Act! remembers so that I don’t have to – it has become my memory bank.”

Mary Westheimer

Founded in 2006 by Mary Westheimer and her husband Kevin, Kevin Caron Studios specializes in creating award-winning and unique welded sculptures displayed worldwide.

As a busy art studio (Kevin is the studio’s sculpture artist, and Mary runs the studio and handles its marketing), Kevin Caron Studios needed a better way to keep track of contact information in order to reach out to customers and vendors in a timely manner. When the recession struck early in their business’ life, Kevin and Mary knew they needed help moving the needle and keeping their business on track. A consultant recommended they use Act!, and Mary and Kevin were immediately on board.

“Act! brings it all together in one place. I never forget to follow up with my customers when I need to.”

Before a consultant recommended Act!, Mary was struggling to keep track of customers, clients and vendors, and she never knew who she needed to follow up with next. “Act! brings it all together in one place, and even lets me schedule reminders so I never forget to follow up with my customers when I need to.”

Thanks to the organization Act! has brought to their studio, Kevin and Mary have been able to ramp up their marketing efforts, creating an active YouTube channel and sending marketing emails. “Act! has transformed our business. I no longer have to spend time and energy figuring out what to do next.

“Even if you’re not a sophisticated user, Act! can work for you.”

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