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Your days consist of managing your calendar and activities to help build business. These areas should all talk to each other and make your workflows smarter and more efficient.

“The capabilities for using Act! to drive our business are endless.”

John Spiridigliozzi

As a voice and data networking reseller in New York and beyond expanding into information technology and IT support, Infinit Technology Solutions uses Act! to organize and manage the wealth of contact information its sales team collects. Chief Operating Officer John Spiridigliozzi joined the company not long after Infinit selected Act! as their contact manager.

“The company was looking for off-the-shelf, best-of-breed solutions for a small company,” says Spiridigliozzi. “They knew that if they got bigger the product could handle the growth and the complexity in the operation.” Now, instead of the ad hoc system connecting Outlook, spreadsheets, and simple pencils and paper that the company used previously, Spiridigliozzi says, “We have a single repository for all the contact data relative to the business from day one until today.”

“Act! has the right level of flexibility and sophistication,” says Spiridigliozzi. “I believe that the data you have and keep is mission critical to your business. Act! allows us to get smarter.”

When new sales staff join Infinit, the company is invested in training them in the best ways to use Act! to manage their accounts. “We can do so much more if we take the time to do it correctly and consistently. Then the information becomes even more valuable,” says Spiridigliozzi.

Act! also allows the Infinit sales team to analyze their customer history and find ways for their marketing efforts to be more effective. “It’s our best opportunity resource,” says Spiridigliozzi. “We can go back and say, ‘Who aren’t we talking to today?’ and if we can get down to what services and offerings customers are using, we can market to them relative to the services they’ve bought versus just sending everybody the same thing all the time.”

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