On-Demand Webinar :

Email Mastery Part II

Using email marketing to empower your sales team


About this recorded webinar

Master the art of email marketing to drive business growth in our 3-part Email Mastery webinar series. In Part II of the series, we’ll dive into more advanced email campaign tactics that blend traditional marketing activities with sales actions. You’ll find out how customer behavior can trigger the next step for customer engagement and how to nurture leads throughout the sales process.

Covered in Part II:

- How marketing and sales work together in nurture marketing
- How and when to trigger sales calls from an email campaign
- Beyond simple auto-responders – how to use triggers to auto-enroll leads in campaigns
- The value of customer behavior in targeting/segmentation
- Live demo of Act! Marketing Automation


About the Presenter

Kevin Miller, Act! Solution Sales Engineer

Kevin is a highly experienced CRM & Marketing Automation specialist at Act!. He helps users familiarise themselves with the Act! products and shows them how to better manage their sales and marketing activities.

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