Getting Started with Act! emarketing

Act! emarketing requires Act! Pro. Learn more about Act! emarketing.


Account Setup

Getting started is easy. We'll walk you through the steps you need to take to create your Act! emarketing account.


Start using Act! emarketing

Get up and running quickly and easily. Watch video tutorials and access resources to help you become an Act! emarketing power user.

To access Act! emarketing, log in to Act! and click on the emarketing tab, then create your account and you’re ready to start sending email campaigns! To get started on the right foot, watch the videos below to learn about sender profiles and SPF records.

Active sender profile


Act! emarketing

How to fix "No active sender profile" error within Act! emarketing

SPF record and whitelisting


Act! emarketing

How to check and create SPF record and white list Swiftpage sending servers

Become an Act! emarketing Power User

Overview videos


Act! emarketing

Getting started


Act! emarketing

Create a template


Act! emarketing

Send your email

How-To videos


Act! emarketing - Creating a template

How to add colors to your template


Act! emarketing - Creating a template

How to change your font with style


Act! emarketing - Creating a template

How to change your background color

Need additional help?

Visit the Act! emarketing resource center for access to How-to videos, Troubleshooting tips, Knowledgebase, Community, and more.